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15 Most Gorgeous, Dazzling & Hot Photos Of TikTok Star Wish Rathod

Here are 15 hot and beautiful images of TikTok star Wish Rathod aka Vishwa Rathod


Wish Rathod is a famous Tik Tok star from Gujarat, she already done a lot of videos on Tik Tok and she is just 19 years old.

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She is essentially famous for comedy video clips, dancing videos and performs lip-syncs on TikTok. She usually shares her fashionable outfits and modeling photos over her Instagram. She is quite popular for her tattoos and piercings. She has even earned the precious badge for being an ace TikTok comedian and is now a crowned “muser.”

Wish made her first tattoo when her grandfather passed away, on the left hand which means ‘I Miss you Grandpa and his Death Date’. She has around 50 plus tattoos on her body and each tattoo contains a message.

Since Wish has become a social media star now, there are thousands of people searching on Google for Wish Rathod’s hot and sexy photos. In this article, we have brought you some of her hot, sexy, stunning, gorgeous, beautiful, bold and adorable pictures of Wish aka Vishwa Rathod.

Wish Rathod Photos: Stunning, bold, beautiful & hot photos of TikTok star.







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