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A Cancer Patient fan requests Ajay Devgn not to promote tobacco products

A Cancer patient has appealed to Ajay Devgn to stop advertisement of tobacco products


Bollywood’s Singham Ajay Devgn has a humongous fan following all over, his fans love to follow the trends he sets up on the screen and also prefer to buy the products he endorses. But recently a fan has appealed the Golmaal star not to endorse tobacco products. Yes, Nanakram, a 40-year old cancer patient from Rajasthan, has made a public appeal to the Bollywood actor to stop doing advertisement of tobacco products in the interest of the society.

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A father of two children, Nanakram, who used to run a tea-stall earlier, cannot speak and runs the family by selling milk at home in Sanganer town of Jaipur.

As reported by a source to PTI, Nankram’s family said that he was a fan of Devgn and used the same product which the actor advertises for but now he realizes that tobacco has had an adverse effect on his life. The Fan has printed more than 1000 pamphlets addressed to Devgn, in which he has asked the actor about how much he or his family chew tobacco? These posters have been circulated and pasted on the walls in Sanganer, Jagatpura and nearby areas of the city.

Dinesh Meena who is Nanakram’s son said, “My father Nanakram Meena started chewing tobacco a few years ago and was using the same brand for which Devgn does the advertisement. My father was impressed by Devgn but when he was diagnosed with cancer, he felt that such a big star should not advertise for these kinds of products.”

In the pamphlet, Nanakram has also said that advertisements of things like liquor, cigarette, and tobacco were harmful and that actors should not promote these things.

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