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Asaduddin Owaisi: We will convert Hindus to Islam, make them keep beard


Days after the Gurugram incident where a Muslim man’s beard was shaved off by two men near Khandsa mandi on speculation of being a Pakistani, AIMIM leader Asaduddin Owaisi challenged the attackers that he will convert them to Islam. He also added that he would make them keep beard.

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Addressing a rally, Asaduddin said that even if their throats are slit, they will be Muslims, reports ANI. Angry over the incident, he said, “Muslim man’s beard was shaved off. Those who did it, I am telling them and their fathers, even if you slit our throat, we’ll be Muslims. We’ll convert you to Islam and will make you keep beard.”

The parliamentarian was reacting to the incident where 36-year-old Jafruddin Hamid – a resident of Mewat’s Badli village in Haryana – was allegedly attacked by Gaurav alias Teda and Nitin. Hamid was attacked while he went to buy vegetables with his cook Ibrahim.

The incident took place when Himid and Ibrahim went to a barber’s shop, where Ibrahim wished to have a haircut. Hamid was asked to have a shave by one of the accused and when denied, he was beaten. Hamid was even called a Pakistani and his beard was shaved forcibly.

Based on the complaint, police have arrested the accused and the barber. According to the police, the accused are not linked with any organisation and are repeated offenders for disturbing peace in vicinity. DCP (crime) Sunit Kuhar had also stated that the accused would be chargesheeted soon.

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