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Asaduddin Owaisi: First time UP government is taking side in Ram Mandir issue


Asaduddin Owaisi recently gave a no-holds barred television interview where he took on the topics of Muslims and Yogi Adityanath’s governance and Ram Mandir.

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Admonishing Yogi’s diktat on asking people to wear pant-shirts in Madarssas, Owaisi says, “I think Yogi himself should first wear Kurta-Pyjama before asking people to wear it. How can anyone wear shirt and pants in a Madarssa? “Owaisi also spoke about the triple talaq bill being passed in the Parliament, ” A number of women in this country took to the streets to protest the bill. ” But he admits that he himself is against triple talaq and that he questions the intent of the government. ” The BJP and Modi are frustrated, so they are taking up these issues. A large number of Muslim women have been abandoned by their husbands, what about them? Why shouldn’t they be allowed to be separated from their husbands? The government does not think about these women at all.”

On the Supreme Court judgement of Ram Mandir topic, he finds himself agreeing to the fact that verdict should come after the 2019 elections. While Yogi Adityanath and few Hindutva hardliners have already committed to building the temple, Owaisi is impervious to that fact. ” This is the first time that any government in Uttar Pradesh had interfered in the Ayodhya and Ram Mandir issue. This is the first time that a UP government is endorsing one side. What message are you sending to the people of this country?”The previous governments were never a part of it and I think the Ayodhya and Ram Janmabhoomi issue should go to the constitutional bench.”

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