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7 best ways to reduce face fat

It is challenging to lose face fat but not really impossible. This is how you can lose face fat.


Reducing fat can be difficult and well pretty challenging. Be it one area of your body or the whole body. Maybe you are not happy or satisfied with your chubby cheeks. Maybe you want a lean face to appear more beautiful by face. Not to worry, here we present you how to lose face fat by the means of exercise so that you are able to tone down your face by removing the excess fat from your body.

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Here are 7 strategies to lose face fat through exercises

1 Do cardio daily

Do cardio daily
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If you only target face fat then it is going to be an excruciating task to lose fat. Rather than that, put all your concentration on losing just weight and your face fat will reduce by default. Remember fat cuts down from head to toe and not just by concentrating on specific body part. Cardio workout is the best form of exercises to lose face fat fast. Considered as the most effective exercise for losing weight, Cardio or aerobic workout is the key to eliminate face fat. You should probably hit the gym, do treadmill by now as you know how it can be proven effective.

2 Try some facial exercises

Try some facial exercises
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Improve muscle strength, get rid of aging and let your face be ever glowing, supple and lean by doing some exercises for face fat. The exercises include puffing out your cheeks while also pushing air from side to side, pouting your lips on alternate sides as well as trying to hold a smile while clenching the teeth for about a couple of seconds. Seems impossible? Don’t worry. Start doing once you will get better with time.

Go for the fish face. All you need to do is suck in your cheeks tightly. Next, pucker your lips like a fish.Then hold the gesture for five seconds. and repeat 10 times. This method will surely help you to lose fat from the cheeks effectively. Who knows your face might get slimmer one day doing these exercises to reduce face fat.

3 Drinking plenty of water

Drinking plenty of water
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Looking to lose face fat and yet not drinking water enough? That’s a bad sign. Water is vital for our health and over-all being. Our body constitutes of about more than 60% water. Sometimes less water leads to water retention and bloating, this could also be the reason why your cheeks or face looked puffed. Staying hydrated is the key to slim down face fat. Drinking water decreases the chances of fluid retention and puffing.

4 Skip refined carbs

Skip refined carbs
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Refined carbs are harmful for your health even when you want to decrease face fat. You might not realize now but in the longer run, you will have to face the side-effects of it. Eating right kind of food is pivotal. cookies, crackers and pasta, white bread, white rice, artificial sugars comes in refined carbs. Avoid eating refined carbs so that you don’t gain unnecessary fat. Foods that contain refined carbs are heavily processed and don’t include any good nutrition and fiber. It is the biggest culprit of weight gain. Now, that you know, better skip it and focus on wholesome food that fits with your weight loss goal and healthy lifestyle.

5 Get ample of sleep

Get ample of sleep
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You don’t sleep sufficiently, you have weight gain. Less sleep is equivalent to more weight. Sleeping less and having a fatigued body accelerates sagging of facial muscles. Following a proper sleep schedule is vital for your health and fitness even if it comes to losing facial fat. The success of weight loss will be more likely with best sleep quality. Not having slept properly only gives you irritation, excess weight gain and more stress and fatigue. Sleep for about seven to eight hours for better facial fat loss.

6 Avoid Alcohol

Avoid Alcohol
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Excess intake of Alcohol can turn out as the biggest contributor to weight gain. It may also lead to increase facial fat and bloating. If your goal is to lose facial fat but instead of limiting alcohol consumption you are going overboard with it, it is a red flag to stop it immediately. skip the alcohol to avoid alcohol-induced bloating. The reality is alcohol is the biggest culprit to weight gain if not drunk in limits. When it comes to alcohol consumption either don’t take it or only drink occasionally for taking use of the benefits it provides. Either way, limit is the key factor that will play a significant role in losing facial fat.

7 Look out for Sodium Intake

Look out for Sodium Intake
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Sodium is something that you are going to find in every thing. Starting from liquids and ending to food.Sodium is used in many ways especially in homes and restaurants, food outlets as flavoring substance. Sodium commonly called as salt can also turn for you as poison if not used carefully and in moderation. Excess intake of sodium can lead to high blood pressure.

Our body demands only 186 mg of sodium every day to function correctly. However, due to sedentary lifestyle and junk food culture, we exceed the daily intake of sodium per day which naturally leads to weight gain and obesity. Too much sodium also gives blood-pressure related heart disease. So for your good health and weight loss schedule watch out your sodium intake and measure it whenever required to keep track of the intake.

In a nutshell there maybe plethora of ways to lose excess face fat from face but changing into a healthy diet and daily exercise will only give results of fat loss as early as possible and give you the perfect slim face you have been desiring until now.

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