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BTS Butter Teaser Poster: ARMY’s come up with unmissable theories

BTS dropped the first teaser poster for their upcoming song, titled Butter. ARMY's come up with unmissable theories


South Korean boyband, BTS is known for ruling the internet trends with their songs and announcements. On Saturday, the boyband dropped the surprise teaser poster for their upcoming song, titled Butter. ARMY’s just couldn’t stop themselves from coming up with interesting theories. The teaser poster is a collage of seven pictures and there are probably many hidden hints related to the much-anticipated track. The countdown for the Butter song has already started and fans are eagerly waiting for the release.

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Is the Butter song set in the backdrop of a party?

There are balloons, chocolates, confetti, juice glass, a lollipop and a camera on the poster. Which looks like the after-party scene. ARMY speculated on Twitter that the Butter song could be a continuation of the RUN series. And there are possibilities of it being related to the party shown in the song. BTS’s most recent song Film Out has many similarities with Fake Love and Butter song on the other side shells out the major vibes of the RUN song. Fans think that the boyband’s upcoming songs might be the continuation of their old songs.

Did BTS collaborate with another artist for the Butter song?

There are eight ballons in the teaser poster. All the seven balloons are tied together, while only one ballon is left out. Fans speculate that it could be a possible hint. These ballons also look similar to the one which they had used during one of the Festa’s. The ballons could take us back to BTS’s debut anniversary party. Few fans speculate that the eight ballons represent the eight years with BTS and the yellow color of the balloon represents the beginning of a new era for the boyband.

Is the Butter song set under the dark theme?

Fans speculate this because all the seven pictures used in the poster are set in dark tones. All seven pictures have been collaged in a way that looks like a vision board of a crime scene.

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