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BTS FESTA 2020: V Wishes His Band Members Future Kids To Be Best Friends 

BTS Member V Reveals His Wish For The Band Members Future Kids. J-Hope And RM React In A Huge Shock


South Korean boy band, BTS members are celebrating their 7th debut anniversary and the boys treat their fans with the celebratory videos on the last day of FESTA. The members were seen doing the same things, which they did on their first debut anniversary. While the video was filled with alot of fun, V’s wish for the band members caught out attention the most. V said that he wish band members future kids to be best friends.

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During the team’s honest conversation with each other, the members were quizzed about ‘what they want to do with other members in the near future’. To which, Jimin first said, “I don’t need anything else, I just want to be with you for a long time as BTS. That’s enough for me,” then Jungkook added, “Jimin told me the same yesterday.”

V’s confession caught everyone’s attention, when he said, “I want to see your kids.” Upon hearing this from V, band members burst out of laughter and J-Hope, RM even pretended to have been coughing ( in a good humor) while teasing Tae Tae. The ‘Sweet Night’ singer went on to explain his statement further saying, “I don’t mean I want to see your kids right now. I hope we can still be together after 20 years and even bring our sons and daughters. Then we can have dinner together.” Soon,  Namjoon piped in saying, “You mean, you want to maintain this friendship for 20 years.”

BTS took to its official YouTube channel and shared the video. The seven members can be seen enjoying their 7th anniversary, as they do exact same things from their first debut anniversary. From decorating the room, to cooking special dishes to garnishing the anniversary cake, they do it all. Here, you can watch the full video:

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