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BTS’s RM And V Tease Yoongi Mistranslating His Lines Purposely

ARMY's just can get enough of how BTS members tease each other. Recently, RM and V were seen mistranslating Yoongi's lines intentionally. The video is sure to make you laugh


BTS members are currently busy prepping for the FESTA 2021. The seven members after announcing the much anticipated BTS Muster SOWOOZOO, kick-started promoting their song Butter. During one of the recent interviews, the band members answered few interesting questions by their fans wherein one was about Yoongi’s green hair. RM and V used the opportunity in teasing Yoongi.

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During a recent interview with AskAnythingChat, BTS answered many fan questions. One of the fans from Istanbul asked, “Would Yoongi want to dye his hair green again?” To this J-Hope burst into laughter and started singing “Green again!” while Suga was thinking about his answer. “I think I will keep my hair black for a while,” said Suga in Korean. V and RM interrupted Yoongi. While V said, “All right, he will do it,” (in Korea), RM said, “Okay! Next album, hair green.” Suga’s priceless reaction made everyone burst into laughter.

Here you can check out the video:

For the unversed, BTS will start unleashing interesting content as a part of their 8th debut anniversary celebrations. Starting from June 2 the celebrations will end on June 13 on their debut date. The Bangtan Boys will also be performing on their songs during the FESTA. Excited about it? Do let us know.

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