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Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 1.06 Update Patch Notes Confirmed

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare update includes a number of tweaks and fixes


Call of Duty: Modern Warfare has got a new update and it includes a number of fixes and tweaks. One of these being fixes to help improve the game stability and reduce the chances of crashing.

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Infinity Ward has also removed all battle chatter during one-life modes. The one-life modes are more challenging and require strategic planning and stealth. The loud callout could be a distracting factor for players till now. In addition, footstep sounds have also been tweaked. The footsteps will now “filter out” based on occlusion effects.

With the new update, stun grenades can disable claymores for upto 3 seconds. This will be a welcome change for players as it levels the playing field.

Joe Cecot, Modern Warfare multiplayer design director, stated that Infinity Ward is working on additional changes and updates to come. Future Infinity Ward updates would limit the player call out logic while also preventing enemies from hearing these call outs. Further changes will also be made to weapon tuning and spawn locations.

Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 1.06 Update Patch Notes

  • Fixes to prevent crashes and improve stability across all platforms
  • Battle Chatter removed from one life modes
  • APCs and Tanks in Ground War no longer award points towards a nuke
  • Fix for charms affecting weapon performance when firing from the hip
  • Stun grenades can now disable claymores for 3 seconds
  • 3rd person footsteps will now filter out based on occlusion
  • Fix to an issue where Tac Inserts could cause players to spawn out of bounds
  • Fix for the gold camo not unlocking on the .357

Playlist Updates

  • NVG (TDM only)
  • Ground War
  • Gunfight
  • Kill Confirmed
  • FFA

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