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Coronavirus Update: Chembur to undergo lockdown again ?

Earlier Chembur was among red zone areas. According to the latest reports the zone might under go lockdown again because of new cases


Nationwide Coronavirus vaccination drive has begun and many front line workers have already got vaccinated. However the outspread is still not contained and there are still fresh cases emerging across India. Since last few days Mumbai and few other regions have apparently recorded new COVID-19 cases, making few zones highest single-day spikes. Following the increasing cases Chembur is reportedly under the radar of government officials and it might undergo lockdown all again if the cases doesn’t stop spreading furthermore.

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The M-West ward of Chembur has recorded a serge with highest number of new COVID-19 cases. Officials from this ward on Monday have started issuing new safety guidelines in order to control the outspread and the officials are also upset because of the guidelines not being followed by in these zones.

Recently while talking to the news reporters, Mayor Kishori Pednekar said that the authorities are deeply concerned over the people’s failure to follow COVID-19 guidelines. He also stated that the general public may force the government to impose another lockdown or localized lockdowns.

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