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COVID-19: Govt Issues Fresh Guidelines for Crowded Marketplaces

Coronavirus: Health Ministry releases new Covid-19 guidelines for crowded marketplaces


Relaxation of lockdown rules has led to an increase of footfalls in marketplaces. People are stepping out for their daily needs and entertainment too. The crowded places may lead to an increase in the spread of the deadly viral infection.  Preventing crowding by any means and taking all preventive measures are the only ways in which the transmission of COVID-19 infection can be curbed. To curb the spread the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare (MoHFW) has drafted some guidelines for these marketplaces.

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These are for bigger markets, malls, and other supermarkets outside containment zones. But in the containment zones, no market place will be allowed to open.

Here is the list of fresh SOPs on the preventive measure in market places issued by govt:

  • People have to make frequent use of hand sanitizers and covering mouth, nose via face covers, masks.
  • People have to adhere to maintaining social distance- at least 6 feet wherever feasible.
  • No spitting is allowed in public areas.
  • Those above 65 years of age and below 10 years, pregnant women and those with comorbidities are advised not to go out.
  • Shopkeepers have been asked to maintain hygienic conditions within their shops.
  • Shops are to be disinfected every day before the work begins. All places that are often touched like door handles and knobs, elevator buttons, handrails among others have to be disinfected frequently.
  • All shops have to provide hand sanitizers that are placed and visitor’s temperature has to be recorded at the entrance and exit points.
  • Public utility areas, as well as open spaces, have to be sanitized with 1% Sodium Hypochlorite
    Solution on a regular basis.
  • Toilets, handwashing and drinking water stations are expected to be deep cleaned at least 3-4 times on a daily basis.
  • A committee has to be formed in a marketplace that will ensure all guidelines are being strictly followed. Fine can be levied if someone is found without a mask.
  • Shops are also asked to provide mask-dispensing kiosks at the entrance or provide masks for free to those who cannot afford.
  • All places have to maintain air-conditioning/ventilation by setting all air conditioning devices in the range of 24-30 degree Celsius and ensure relative humidity in the range of 40-70 per cent.
  • For malls and supermarkets, the government had earlier released Covid guidelines; those guidelines will remain in force.
  • For restaurants within the marketplaces, the earlier guidelines issued by the government will be applicable.

The development comes at a time when the total coronavirus cases mounted to 94,31,691 with 38,772 new infections, while the death toll climbed to 1,37,139 after 443 more fatalities were reported.

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