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Ex-AOA Member Mina Reveals She Was Bullied By Leader Jimin

Mina debuted in AOA in 2012 and left the group in 2019


Former AOA member Mina has revealed that she was bullied for 10 years by the girl group’s leader Jimin. She added that things were so bad at one point in time that she attempted to take her own life. Taking to Instagram, the singer recounted her bitter experiences with AOA leader Jimin. Mina debuted in AOA in 2012 and left the group in 2019 when her seven-year contract expired. Soompi reported the entire content of the Instagram posts made by the K-pop idol.

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“When my dad was about to pass away, I cried in our waiting room. Then, one member dragged me to a changing area, and told me to stop crying. She told me that I was making the entire mood of the room go down. I was really scared at that time; I kept on thinking about my dad not being in this world anymore,” Mina wrote in one of her posts.

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아 근데 AOA그 언니 이야기 왜 적었냐면 난 아빠 췌장암 말기 선고받고 아빠가 갈거라는 걸 알고 있었는데 그 언니한데 또 혼날까봐 그리고 개인 연기도 하고 있었고, 컴백하고 있어서 스케줄 소화해내고 멤버들한데 피해주기 싫었고 대사도 외우고 웃어야 하는 부분도 많고 그래서 난 아빠 생각에 사로잡히면 안되고 일을 제대로 해야해 라고 생각했고, 아빠 병실에 들어가지도 못했어 췌장암 말기라서 뼈밖에 없는 모습 보니까 눈물이 안날수가 없더라고 언니도 전화오고 아빠도 이제 말을 잘 못하는데 날 찾았대 근데 만약 스케줄 하다가 울면 어떡해 또 저 언니가 뭐라하면 어떡해? 난 그때 나이가 너무 어려서 그렇게 해야되는 줄 알았어 그게 맞는거라고 생각했고 혼나는게 더 싫었어 그래서 더 볼 수 있었는데 못 보고 그렇게 아빠 눈 감았을때 삐 소리 듣고 보고 보냈어 옆에 스케치북에 아빠가 우리 딸 어디있어요? 라고 힘들게 삐뚤 빼뚤 적어서 간호사님한데 보여드렸다는데 그때도 일 하고 있어서 못갔었거든 근데 들리는 말론 언닌 특실 잡아주고 개인 스케줄들도 그렇고 뭐 취소했다는 말 들리던데 아니길바래 프로답게 해 언니도. 울지마 알았지? 분위기 흐려진다며 나 땜에 왜 눈치 봐야하냐며 그랬잖아 언니도 잘 이겨내 꼭. 나는 아직도 그 기억 못 지워 언니가 했던말들 행동들 사실 흐릿해도 전부 기억해 남아있어 그럴때마다 약 먹어가면서 견디고 있어 그치만 아빠때 일은 평생 갈 것 같다 언니는 그냥 뱉은 말이지만 난 정말 상처였던 것 같아 근데 마지막 우리끼리 5분의 시간때 내가 언니한데 얘기했어 그때 그게 상처였다고 그때 언닌 날 째려보며 말했지 내가 그런말 할 정도로 나쁜년이라고는 생각안하는데? 했어 그러자 다른 멤버가 언니 그랬었어 라고 정말 큰 용기내서 얘기해줬었어 난 허탈해서 아무말도 안나왔고 속으로 인간이 맞나? 싶었어 그러고 우리는 안녕했지 나도 솔직히 똑똑한 머리는 아니라서 기억력이 진짜 최악인데 오죽하면 언니는 끝이없다 너무 많지 근데 그냥 저거 하나만 할께 혹시 모르잖아 회사에서 해지계약서 썼는데 위약금 내라고 하면 어떡해 저 다 말 안했어요 괜찮죠? 언니 덕에 난 매일 약 수십알 먹고 왼쪽 손목은 하도 그어서 신경이 나가서 따갑고 저려 근데 엄마보니까 살아야겠더라고 돈도 벌어야해 그래서 열심히 흉터치료 받고있어 아직도 악몽은 꾸지만, 근데 웃긴건 나가기전에 언니 빼고 우리끼리 술 마시면서 맨날 대화 나눴거든 근데도 우리 다 아직도 모른다? 날 싫어한 이유가 뭐야?

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She added, “Her words are still vivid in my head. I could just let go of all the other things she did to me, but not this. After the recording, we happened to get in the same van. I took sleeping pills to just sleep the whole ride. As time passed, I felt as if I was getting more and more damaged inside. I even thought about taking my own life because of her.”

“I really didn’t want to leave AOA, but I went through so much for the last 10 years and I had enough of her bullying. That’s why I had to give up on AOA although I was in great terms with all the other members,” Mina said.

Hinting that she was talking about AOA leader Jimin, Mina said that “recently, I heard that this member’s father passed away. I felt heartbroken, as I know how hurtful it may be to her. I went to the funeral, and as soon as she saw me, she cried and apologized to me. It made my heart feel empty. What I mean is, my hatred towards her just disappeared like that. I’m okay with everything with her now, but I’m terrified. I feel like I’m completely broken inside.” Jimin’s father passed away last April.

Mina shared that she got depressed after leaving AOA. She said, “I knew that I would have unintentional period of blank for a bit after departing from AOA. I believed that I would be fine if I spent those times learning different things, and get treated for my depression and anxiety. What I didn’t know was a lot of stuff can happen during that time. To be honest, I feel so worn out at the moment. Just like my haters tell me, I don’t know who I am nor what I do for a living. It’s not like I was born at my own will though. I’m only living for my mom.”

In an apparent reply to the allegations, Jimin wrote “fiction” on her Instagram account. She deleted it soon after.

However, Mina replied to the post saying, “Go ahead and say it’s fiction. Unnie, you will receive punishment for it, so don’t be like this. There are witnesses and evidence. Unnie, should I reveal more stories or not? There are many more things that are annoying to write it all down. Please erase my memories too, unnie. Please.”

Mina also revealed that Jimin and other AOA members, as well as their managers, had talked later on. She said thar Jimin had apologized to her though she said she didn’t remember the past events.

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