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Soon-to-be Father Mohit Malik Tests Covid-19 Positive; Pregnant Wife Addite’s Results Also Out

Television Actor, Mohit Malik Has Tested Positive For Coronavirus. His Wife Addite's Results Are Out And She Tested Negative


Renowned television actor Mohit Malik has tested positive for Coronavirus. The actor is expecting to welcome a baby with his wife, Addite soon and he had to self isolate himself after testing positive for COVID-19. The results of his wife are also out and she has apparently tested negative. However, he has self quarantined himself to maintain distance from his wife, after coming in contact with pandemic virus to safeguard their child.

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Mohit Malik is known for portraying popular characters in Hindi shows such as Doli Armaano Ki, Kullfi Kumarr Bajewala and few others. He had been busy shooting for Star Plus’ show titled, Lockdown Ki Love Story. However, he has now tested positive for Covid-19 and he would be taking rest to recover. The star took to his Instagram handle and revealed the news to his fans in a heartfelt cryptic post. He has also requested people who came in his contact to get tested.

He shared, “As much as we try our best and take necessary precautions, sometimes there is always a wafer thin chance for an inadvertent situation to occur. Yesterday I caught fever and our first impulse was to get a Covid test done, which has come out positive. Addite is fortunately safe, but we have both isolated and I have quarantined myself. I request all those who were in touch with me for the past few days to exercise caution and take the necessary tests if any symptoms show or even otherise, as a safety measure. Let’s pray and hope that we get over this rough tide, not just us, but whoever is going through this and let us hope to start living again in a safe and secure environment (sic).” He posted this alongside a beaming picture of himself, wherein he appears to be smiling beautifully.


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We hope that Mohit Malik recovers soon.

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