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GDragon and BlackPink’s Jennie Secretly Dating? YG Entertainment Says THIS

Are Gdragon and BlackPink's Jennie dating? YG Entertainment issues official statement responding to the viral reports


Dating for Kpop stars is quite a challenging task because most of the talent agencies never allow their artists to be relationship. The artist and their label keep the relationships under cover to avoid controversies and to avoid getting embroiled in unnecessary talks. BlackPink members surely are known to be true idols for the Blink’s. The girl group became sensation with the success of their albums and they have people crushing over them across the globe. Their fans always ask which BlackPink member is dating whom? It came as the big surprise when the South Korean media outlets reported that YG Entertainment’s Jennie and BIGBANG’s GDragon are secretly dating each other for a while now. The talented singers have not officially reacted to these reports. but their label has officially issues a statement responding to the matter. But hear that the tow of them would secretly meet each other at his penthouse.

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GDragon and Jennie have been label mates for over a decade now and they have also collaborated several times. Before BlackPink’s official debut i.e in 2016, Jennie appeared with G-Dragon’s single That XX which released in 2012. The later year she appeared in Black from his album Coup d’Etat. The two of them also appeared performing on stage together and their mutual bonding appeared to be quite impressive back then.

According to the latest report by Dispatch, Jenni and GDragon are dating each other for over a year now. The sources apparently revealed that they spotted Jennie leaving GDragon’s house. She reportedly meets him everyday after she wraps up her professional schedules.The South Korean outlets state that their relationship has been known by people in YG Entertainment.

Officially responding to these reports of Jennie dating GDragon, the label’s read statement said, “ We can not confirm anything about our artists’ personal lives. We ask for your understanding.”

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