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Grabb-It plans to turn your car’s window into an innovative video billboard


This latest invention will turn your car’s side rear window into a full-color display. The screen will display location-aware ads to anyone who might be standing across the sidewalk. They’re currently aiming to work with rideshare/delivery drivers, enabling them to make a bit of extra money while driving.

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As the driver crosses the town, the ads will automatically focus on nearby businesses. Near a shopping mall? It might pitch you on some 50% sale in the stores, hanging out with friends late at night? It could play an ad about happy hour at the bar behind you.

So how does it work?

A material is applied inside the car’s right rear window to act as a projection surface. The material is thin in nature, yet it can be annoying because the material is not thin enough that you can see much through it. They mount a small projector inside the car that points it toward the window.

window billboard
window billboard

The projection material is custom cut for different cars; the image can cover pretty much the entire surface of the window. It gives the illusion of a display custom built for the window.

The projection only appears when the driver is between rides, once a passenger hops in the car the projection is shut off.
Grabb-It says they’ll cover the cost of installation for drivers — and if a driver decides to remove it, it’s just a matter of unmounting the projector and peeling the projection material from the window.


window billboard
The company is currently testing with around 25 drivers around San Francisco, with earnings working out to around $300 a month for those driving 40 hours a week, report techcrunch.

Grabb-It is part of Y Combinator’s Summer 2018 class.

They have raised US$100,000 from Lyft founding investor Sean Aggarwal.

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