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Happy World Snakes Day to the politicians of India!


In the atrocious game of snakes and ladders, specifically politics, India has been gripped with snakes trying to climb ladders to reach the enviable posts of constituencies slithering through a plethora of controversies that exude venomous undercurrents of their opinions, statements and political vendettas. Finding a politician without controversies, serenading their essence is akin to sighting a baby without their unrelenting affiliation towards odd hours wailing: Rare, atypical, and more often than not, peaceful. These Indian politicians seem to find their roost on public forums like Twitter and crawl into the impressionable minds of the generation while citing blasphemous claims to coveted spots in the Indian Government.

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Here’s a list of the most vicariously bred snakes in the country: 

1. Black Mamba

Narendra Modi emerges as the ‘black mamba’ of the political scenario. The black mamba’s reputation, just as Narendra Modi’s, is not undeserved. Exactly like this venomous snake, touted to be extremely toxic and highly swift, Narendra Modi has often been criticised for going to places with the funding of government’s public welfare resources. How quickly he flits from place to place! These snakes are highly aggressive when threatened who are known to strike repeatedly and inject a large volume of venom with each strike just like our Prime Minister takes jibes and causes splutters of unplanned decisions that have massive repercussions.

2. Ananconda

Rahul Gandhi can never erroneously be compared to ‘anacondas’ that are nonvenomous constrictors, squeezing their preys until they asphyxiate as his involvement can be seen through the strength backed by his bloodline in politics. With him maintaining his presidency of the party it only seems like a mere spectacle considering his blatant and blunt comments whilst asphyxiating people by being his airhead self.

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3. Rattlesnake

A ‘rattlesnake’ aptly summarizes Subramaniam Swamy as the snake’s prey that is attracted by the sound of the tail like the media which is always abuzz with his controversial statements. Swamy’s affinity for creating a furore doesn’t seem to die down instead, the commotion caused by his superfluous and nonchalant public statements imitate the rattlesnakes signature rattle.

4. Spitting Cobra

Asaduddin Owaisi emulates the ‘spitting cobra’ as his party, while opposed to jihadist terrorism, still practises politics of “competitive chauvinism,” according to journalist Kingshuk Nag. He seems to be unperturbed by the statements he breathes atrociously through his publicly voiced beliefs and opinions that scathe the general population.

5. Viper

Amit Shah is stealthy and cunning like a ‘viper’ as he has been accused of manipulating the electoral constituency delimitation exercise in Gujarat to favour BJP whilst also being involved in an alleged “Snoopgate”. He has been involved in multitudes of controversies while being sly and introverted.

Disclaimer: This article does not intend to hurt the sentiments of any person, political party or anybody intentionally. The views expressed are the author’s personal views and in no manner claim to defame anybody in no manner.

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