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Astrologer Hirav Shah’s Prediction For US President Joe Biden And The Future Under His Presidentship

Renowned Astrologer, Hirav Shah Makes Few Interesting Predictions For US President Joe Biden And The Nation Under His Presidentship


The new president-elect of the United States, Joe Biden had served as Barack Obama’s vice president between 2008-2016. His 2008 presidential campaign never gained momentum, but Democratic nominee Barack Obama selected him as his running mate and Biden went on to serve two terms as the 47th vice president. He briefly worked as an attorney before turning to politics. He became the fifth-youngest U.S. senator in history as well as Delaware’s longest-serving senator. In 2017, at the close of his administration, Obama Presented Biden with the Presidential Medal of Freedom. Two years later Biden launched his campaign for U.S. president and was elected as the 46th president of the United States. Renowned astrologer, Hirav Shah makes interesting prediction for Joe.

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Joe Biden’s birth number is 20, 2+0 = 2 which is ruled by Moon. His destiny number is 2+0+1+1+1+9+4+2 = 20, 2+0 = 2 which means he is double-ruled by the Moon.

On November 7, 2020, four days after election day, Biden was declared as the 46th president-elect after winning Pennsylvania. Along with earning a record 74 million-plus votes, the soon-to-be 78-year-old was set to become the oldest president in the nation’s history.

“America, I’m honored that you have chosen me to lead our great country. The work ahead of us will be hard, but I promise you this: I will be a President for all Americans — whether you voted for me or not. I will keep the faith that you have placed in me,” Biden tweeted.

He is now into the 79th year of his life, which means 7+9 = 16, 1+6 = 7 which is ruled by Ketu. 7 and 2 go with each other very easily.

Biden’s Zodiac sign is Scorpio and is ruled by Mars. 1, 2, 7 are the lucky numbers for Biden

The Biden’s Presidency and Future of the world :
Biden Presidency for USA :
Joe Biden has been elected as the next president of the United States, booting Donald Trump out of the White House. Due to the effect of the Moon he will be very loyal to the people of his own country USA, predicts Hirav Shah.

Biden and his decisions for Economy:

Due to his emotional, longer vision nature and also his vast experience in his political journey and planetary Transition of Jupiter, Saturn and Rahu, Biden will be able to make strong decisions for the economy needed. Expect plenty from him especially for the economy, says Shah.

Joe Biden for Indians Americans in USA:

US President-elect Joe Biden has appointed over 20 Indian-Americans as members to his transition team. Just imagine how he will deliver more to the Indian American communities once he will be in full power. He can be a bit restless and energetic. He will be very soft, inspiring and uplifting to Indians Americans in the USA.

What a President Biden would mean for India ?
As a water sign of Biden, he will probably be very faithful and friendly with India. He will be helpful to keep healthy relations with India.

Biden and the World : Global Perspective:
2021 adds to 5 which is ruled by Mercury and is the planet of communication and his birth number is 2(Moon) so the combination of Moon and Mercury will give positive signals around the world and it will make the US more powerful and also Biden will be successful for making healthy relations with other countries.

Joe Biden’s China Policy and its impact on India – US Relations.
It’s important to see it in a holistic perspective. About 30 years ago, the Chinese and Indian economies were about the same size. Today, China’s economy is almost five times that of India’s.

Though India has certain capabilities to deal with China on its own. From a global perspective, the US sees India as crucial to maintaining a favourable balance of power in Asia. India sees the US as crucial to maintaining the rules-based order in the region.

From a bilateral perspective, India sees the US as useful in building India’s capabilities —military, economic, technological intelligence. Due to the Transiting Jupiter and Rahu there are chances of the US coming closer to India and that can be leverage for India says Hirav Shah.

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