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How Instagram’s “Who Are You?” Filters Actually Work

Here's How to Get Avengers' Instagram Filter To Find Your Superhero



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Social media is flooding with photos and videos of people striking pose with their assigned Disney or Marvel characters. But, do you actually know how people are doing this. If not, you should know that it is nothing but Instagram’s new ‘Who Are You” filter that has left everyone wondering. In this article, we will explain how Instagram’s “Who Are You” filters work?

Although there are people who might be tired of the quizzing filter allowing you to discover which Captain Marvel or Disney Characters you truly belong in. People are confused and wondering how this Instagram filter actually works.

It is to be noted that it is complex computer algorithms that construct the backbone to these Instagram filters, running on the same computer science that goes into facial recognition and motion tracking software.

Since Instagram has plenty of filters, the processes used to develop them may vary. In a Quora thread, Instagram CEO Kevin Systrom revealed that their filters used “a combination of effects – curve profiles, blending modes, color hues, etc.”

A computer needs to understand what it is actually looking at before it apply any effects. Filters work through what is called computer version.

Computer vision is basically a field of computer science that tends to increase a computer’s understanding of what it sees. The same technology is being used in Instagram’s latest filters to understand what a face is or know things like light values and the boundaries of an image.

Computer produce an image onto the screen by breaking pictures down into numeric values. Black and white operate on one vector that uses two numbers to analyze the intensity, and color uses red, green, and blue on another vector.

The provided data is transformed by a program. For instance, applying a blur to an image sees a computer grouping multiple pixels together so that they lose their definition. Sharpening an image takes elements of a picture and exaggerates individual pixels so they stand out from their neighbors.

The Odds And Ends Of Instagram’s Filters

Instagram’s filter works like the other photo editor. Software engineer Changneng Chen, explained that Instagram uses “an independent RGB color transformation on the original image,” at the pixel level. That means alterations to one color channel don’t impact the rest. From here, their filters can alter the image in ways that would not otherwise be possible.

Instagram’s “Who Are You” filter also work on the same above mentioned technology. Computer vision activates computers to look at a person and assign traits to their features. The same way Instagram applies a dog’s nose to a person’s face is the same technology it uses to guess which Star Wars, Disney or Marvel character they are.

How to get the Marvel Avengers filter

This Instagram’s Avenger filter is created by Nofar Shoshan. You can follow her on @nofar.shoshanIn order to get the Avenger filter, what you all have to do is to visit herInsta profile, then go to the filter section. Here you can access and save all of the filters that she has created, including the Marvel Avengers filter.

The filter actually works by flicking through several choices before allotting you a character and telling you which Avengers character you truly are. Even actor Mark Ruffalo has given Nofar’s Marvel filter a go, and guess what? He got his own character, the Hulk!


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