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How to Buy Active Instagram Followers at Cheap Price in 2019

Boost Social is one of the best sites to buy real Instagram followers in cheap price


You must be looking for websites or online social media service providers to buy Instagram followers. If you are one of them who wants to buy active or real Instagram followers at a cheap rate, then this article has a lot of information for you. There are plenty of websites offering active Instagram followers but finding the best among them is not an easy task. The moment you find out the best sites to buy real Instagram followers, half of your problem would be solved.

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If you ever tried to buy Instagram followers from any website, you must know about the difficulty which people face during the process. You spend hundreds of dollars to get a few hundred or thousand Instagram followers and a few days later you realise that it was nothing but a waste of money. Get Free Instagram Likes

Yes, the Instagram followers provider might show your increased followers count but your post would not get any engagement because that followers you bought from them is not real or active Instagram followers. Despite your account is showing thousands of Instagram followers, your account is as inactive as it was before you made an investment. The same mistake is done by thousands of people. If you really want to buy active or real Instagram followers you should know the following things.

Buy Fake Instagram Followers

If you are buying Instagram followers from Boost Social or any other social media service provider, there is no issue in it. But buying fake Instagram followers might be dangerous for your account. There are two specific reasons why common people or any brand buy Instagram followers in the first place.

  • Influencers or social media stars want to “beef up” their stats to attract more brand or advertisers.
  • Who does not want to be popular? In order to show themselves as the most popular brands, the brand encourages others to follow them.

Let’s talk about both influencers or brands, who willingly put themselves at risk when they buy fake or low-quality Instagram followers. First of all, you should know that an Advertiser would not work with an influencer who has fake Instagram followers. It is quite easy to spot influencers or brands who have fake followers on their Instagram accounts.

The easiest way to spot fake Instagram followers is to check influencers or brand’s Instagram post and the amount of the engagement their posts are getting. If their posts are not getting enough engagement, it’s usually a red flag for advertisers that their followers aren’t active. So, spending thousands of dollars to attract advertisers might backfire and ends up turning advertisers away. For influencers, It’s better to have a less audience of active followers than a massive audience of bots.

Instagram Punishes Brands or Influencers

Instagram has come up with a new and strong algorithm that punishes those who have fake Instagram followers. One of the key metrics that Instagram uses to rank its posts is its engagement. Yes, your follower to Instagram engagement ratio should be high. If you have 300k Instagram followers but your posts are not getting a handful of likes or comments per post, your content will be less likely to rank for your target audience.

Get Instagram Followers Instantly

Instead of running a campaign on Instagram, you should spend money to buy active or real Instagram followers. Unlike the low quality or fake Instagram followers we mentioned above, you should buy Instagram followers from Boost Social.

Before buying active Instagram followers, the following things you should keep in mind:

1. Buy Targeted Followers

The first thing you should remember before purchasing real or active Instagram followers is the account that actually following you. If you buy Instagram follower best sites such as Boost Social, they will ask for who your target audience is, which hashtags you use the most and who your competitors are.

Using the mentioned detail, they build a list of targeted accounts based on demographics, location and interests. The result is not a thousand of followers but an engaged audience you can build on.

2. Be Suspicious of Cheap Instagram Followers

As we have mentioned above that buying real or active Instagram followers might be cheaper than running an ad campaign on Instagram. There is a little difference between cheap or affordable. There is a lot of website offering Instagram per follower for $0.01. While that might sound like a great deal, chances are the followers likely won’t be as high-quality as you’re expecting.

We would advise you to spend a little more money on quality followers.

3. Look For Engagement Growth

When you buy real Instagram followers, apart from your followers count you should know about about the engagement your posts are getting. Remember, the reason you’re buying active Instagram followers in the first place is you want the audience to engage with your content so you can get more visibility and awareness for your brand or product.

4. Don’t Just Buy Followers, Buy a Strategy

There are websites that provide Instagram followers is they just give increase your number of followers and that’s it. There is no doubt having a decent number of follower is one of the best things but do what to do once your following starts growing? You should know a strategy to keep your followers hooked up to your posts.

That is the only reason we recommend Boost Social. Yes, they provide scores of tips to keep your account growing and monetize your activity. That comes in the form of consultations, hashtag suggestions and other resources to make sure you’re not just getting followers, but growing your brand as well.


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