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Metro Card: How To Check Balance Of Your Metro Card?

Metro Card: How To Check Balance On Your Metro In Easy Steps?


Metro is one of the fastest modes of transport in India. Currently, metro rail exists in Delhi, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Bangalore, Chennai and Kolkata. The Metro Service is a system designed to reduce traffic congestion in the city. The Mumbai Metro is to supplement the overcrowded Mumbai Suburban Railway network.

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To use the Metro we can either buy a ticket or a metro card. The Metro Card is quite useful to daily travellers who are constantly on the move. It saves time as you have to purchase it only once. It saves the inconvenience of purchasing a ticket each time you travel. A metro cardholder receives a discount on token fares. Depending on your needs you can load the value of your journeys on your card. It can be easily topped up.

You can get a metro card with a minimum payment from the Customer Care Center at Metro Stations. This cost includes a refundable security deposit for the actual card. This may be reclaimed when the card is returned. The metro card can be refilled both online and offline. It will provide you with a Metro Card balance that will allow you to travel without any interruption. You can bypass the huge lines that are quite common during the rush hours and thus save time. But each time you travel the balance will be debited automatically from your card. Now, you must be wondering how to check the balance on my metro card? A person can easily check the balance on their metro card online or offline.

Here is how you can check the balance on your metro card:

A person can even check the balance on their metro card. it can be done at the metro stations and online too. You can even check the balance of your Metro Card based on your city.

 Check balance using AVMs:

check metro card balance,

  • The Add value machines may be used to check your Metro card balance.
  • Go to any metro station and touch your card on the AVM machine.
  • Check your balance, click the “Enquiry” button.

Check balance using Automatic Token Vending Machine (ATVM):

Metro cardholders can check their balance on an ATVM  accessible at select stations.

Check balance using Center for Customer Service:

The Customer Care Center at the Metro Station can also help travellers find out how much money is left on your Card.

Check balance while exiting:

While departing the station, you may also check the amount on your card. The current balance will be shown on the gate while swiping the card at the exit.

Check Balance Online Through Paytm:

check metro card balance paytm,

  • Open the official website of Paytm or app
  • Go to the Metro section and select the relevant metro
  • Enter your metro card number
  • Click on the check balance option
  • You will see the balance by expanding the consumer details tab

Check the balance of Metro Card-based On City:

 How To Check Balance on Mumbai Card:

  • Visit the Mumbai Metro Instacharge portal
  • Enter your Smart Card (CSC) number printed on the back of the card
  • Re-enter the CSC number to confirm
  • Enter the captcha and click ‘Confirm’
  • On the next page, you’ll be shown the current balance

How To Check Balance on Delhi Card:

how to check metro card balance in delhi,

  • Users can check the balance through add value machines, customer care centres, automatic token vending machines.
  • They can check while exiting the metro.
  • Swipe the card at the exit.
  • The gate will display the current balance.
  • Delhi Metro doesn’t have the facility to check balances online.

How To Check Balance On Hyderabad Card:

check metro card balance hyderabad,

  • Hyderabad Metro doesn’t have the facility to check the smart card balance online.
  • You can go to the nearby Metro station
  •  Check the details at Ticket Vending Machine (TVM)
  • You can also check on Add Value Machine (AVM) by selecting the prepaid top-up option.

How To Check Balance on Bengaluru Card:

how to check metro card balance bangalore,

  • Bengaluru doesn’t offer the facility of checking metro card recharge balance online.
  • Customers can visit the nearest metro and check their balance at the Automatic Gate
  • They can also check at the Remaining Value Check Terminal (RVCT) near Customer Card/EF.

How to check Chennai Card balance:

how to check metro card balance chennai, chennai metro card,

  • Chennai metro card balance cannot be checked online.
  • You can show the card on the Ticket Reader installed near Customer Card/EFO.
  • Insert the card in at the AVM/TVM and Click on the History button.

How to check Kolkata Card balance:

check metro card balance kolkata,

  • Currently, there’s no way to check the Kolkata metro card balance online.
  • You can touch Kolkata metro card on the Add Value Machine (AVM) in the metro station to check your balance.

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