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How to wake up early in the morning: Ultimate benefits and tips

If you have been struggling to wake up early in the morning, then here's your step-by-step to become an early riser. Know everything from benefits to what causes waking up late and how you can change your life completely by adopting a few simple habits. Most of the successful rich people wake up early morning. Do you have a reason to do become an early riser?


Personal development Gurus always suggest waking up early when they talk about a successful and healthy life. Being an early bird is always associated with being successful and healthy. Ever thought why is it so? Well, waking up early in the morning has many health as well as lifestyle benefits. One can transform their life totally just by adopting few little changes in their sleep and wake-up cycles. Talk about the world’s most influential and successful people, they have one thing common in their routines i.e waking up early. Elon Musk, Barak Obama, Tim Cook, Bill Gates and many others are known for waking up early. Here in this article, we take you through a step-by-step guide on to wake up early in the morning. Also, know about a few benefits of waking up early.

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Working tips to wake up early morning:

  1. Maintain a schedule for bedtime and other activities
  2. Go to sleep clearing the mind clutterings
  3. Don’t eat junk food that leads you to heavy sleep
  4. Avoid sugary or energy drinks at night that leads to late sleep
  5. Put your alarm out of the reach
  6. Stay away from the blue screen before sleep hours i.e mobile, TV or laptop screens
  7. Sleep daily at the same time, so your body adopts the new cycle
  8. Set the alarm as well at the same time
  9. Sleep with your curtains open (but be sure about security)
  10. Keep your phone on silence mode
  11. Try out some pre-sleep guided meditation for good sleep

How to wake up early morning, ultimate tips and tricks

Benefits of waking up early in the morning:

People who wake up early are often more energetic and problem solvers in their professional as well as personal spaces. They know how to deal with stress and they are perfect time managers. They are also most active around other people, who don’t wake up early. Science-backed studies show that people who effortlessly wake up early in the morning are only those who eat healthy food, have deep sleep and manage their stress in life and workloads. They sleep on time and tend to easily wake up on the expected time daily.

Here check out few benefits of waking early:

  1. Extra time for life goals
  2. Sleeping on time and waking up early is known to improve concentration and memory power
  3. Save time for #MeTime
  4. Mornings are best for exercising, yoga and meditation
  5. This leads to a stress-free life
  6. Focus on organizing activities. Time to plan out the day before starting it
  7. Enough time to enjoy morning breakfast and spending time with loved ones
  8. Improves brain functionality

How to wake up early morning, ultimate tips and tricks

Reasons why people struggle to wake up early morning:

  1. Avoid having naps during the daytime that leads to light sleep or late sleep habits
  2. People who do not work out or don’t exercise often face sleep issues. This is because their body fluids don’t function efficiently, leading to chronic health issues
  3. People who eat junk food struggle to wake up early
  4. People who spend late night hours watching movies or scrolling on mobile phones. The blue light doesn’t let you sleep on time
  5. People who consume caffeinated products suffer delayed sleep and end up struggling to rise early
  6. People who do not wrap up their day, think about the pending work till late at night and struggle waking up early
  7. Irregular sleep cycles also lead to insomnia
  8. Chronic or other health issues might also contribute to sleepness night that ultimately doesn’t allow you to wake up early. Always keep in check with such symptoms.
  9. No nutritional diet. Eat healthy food(seasonal fruits, vegetables and nuts) to improve body functionality. This can boost the healing process and allow you to have a good night sleep
  10. People who sleep on extremely heavy stomachs at night also don’t wake up on time

How to wake up early morning, ultimate tips and tricks

Healthy activities to do early in the morning:

  1. Clear up the bed
  2. Treat yourself with some healthy morning drinks
  3. Practise Yoga or exercises
  4. Go out for running
  5. Play with your pets or kids
  6. Read a book
  7. Spend time thinking about your life goals and targets
  8. Plan your day in advance and prioritize the to-do list activities
  9. Practice mindfulness
  10. Practice affirmations
  11. Dress up nicely
  12. Cook healthy food

If you find the above tips helpful, then do let us know. For more such updates, stay hooked on to The Live Mirror.

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