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Impact Wrestling Bound for Glory Results: Highlights from Bound for Glory 2019

Four Championship were on the line for Impact Wrestling's second biggest PPV


Impact Wrestling Bound for Glory Results: Impact Wrestling is heading into the “AXS era” but the fans got to enjoy Bound for Glory before the big move. Four Championships were on the line with no dearth of talent to lay a claim on them.

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Fans were excited to see solid performances from the roster and the show didn’t disappoint. Impact Wrestling’s second-biggest pay-per-view gave the promotion a strong start heading onto AXS television.

Heres what happened at the Bound for Glory pay-per-view.

Call Your Shot Gauntlet match

Winner- Eddie Edwards

The show opened with the Call Your Shot Gauntlet match, which allowed the winner to receive a championship opportunity against a champion of his choice.

Former world champion Eddie Edwards was the first competitor to start the match off. Reno Scum followed suit with Joey Ryan coming out to a monster pop. The viewers got to see a barrage of talent next in the form of Desi Hit Squad, The Deaners, Havoc and Rosemary, who got a huge reaction from the crowds. Dave Crist elicited some groans when he cleared the ring of Rosemary and Havoc. Johnny Swinger, Jordynne Grace, Raj Singh, Fallah Bah and Tommy Dreamer also put up a good fight.

Swoggle made a surprise entrance along with Kylie Rae. Another unexpected appearence came in the form of Sabu, who might’ve looked old but was a good moment of fan service.

The final four contestants in the match were Bah, Edwards, Fulton and Shera, who came in last. Shera eliminated Bah with a Burning Hammer while Edwards got Fulton.

In the end, Edwards and Shera were left to battle it out. Edwards emerged victorious after connecting a Boston Knee Party to win.

Knockout Championship Match

Winner- Tara Valkyrie

Valkyrie vs Dashwood enticed the fans right from the start. Tara Valkyrie put her Impact Knockout title on the line against former WWE star, Tenille Dashwood.

Valkyrie hit the Road to Valhalla and remained the champion, winning via Pinfall.

Impact Tag Team Championship match

Winner- The North

The North (Ethan Page and Josh Alexander) faced Rob Van Dam & Rhino and Rich Swann & Willie Mack for the Impact Tag Team Championship. Vam Dam got a loud chant as he entered the ring.

Rhino and RVD looked primed to win. RVD shocked the fans by turning heel and turning on his partner with a superkick. He attacked Mack and Swann next allowing The North to take advantage and hit Swann with their finisher for the win.

Michael Elgin vs Marufugi

Winner- Michael Elgin

Michael Elgin faced Naomichi Marufuji next. This turned out to be a hard-hitting slugfest. Both competitors looked good in the ring, holding nothing back.

Elgin got the upper hand as he hit a buckle bomb and a powerbomb on Marufuji for a two-count. He sealed the deal with a Brutal Hammer for the win.

Impact X Division Championship Ladder Match

Winner: Ace Austin

Jake Crist defended his X-Division title against Tessa Blanchard, Daga, Ace Austin and Ace Romero in an intergender ladder match.

Tessa Blanchard had the fan support and she didn’t let the audience down. The match was a crazy back and forth ride and it looked like any of the participants might get the win. During the final moments of the match, Blanchard looked set to win when Austin hit her with a baton. Ace Austin retrieved the title for a win.

Moose vs Ken Shamrock

Winner: Moose

Moose had formerly spent weeks taunting Shamrock with his claims of being bigger, tougher and faster than the former WWE intercontinental and tag team champion.

He backed up his claims as he connected on a spear for the pinfall. The match provided a solid performance by both the athletes. For the end, Frank Trigg exposed the top turnbuckle. Shamrock ran to the corner when Moose avoided and Ken hit the metal.

Impact World Championship No Disqualification match

Winner: Brian Cage

Brian Cage defended his heavyweight title against Sami Callihan in the show closer. Cage draws the first blood, barely five minutes into the match.

Callihan looked set to win as he power bombed Cage for a two count. He went on to dump a bag full of thumbtacks all over the ring. Sami hit a piledriver but couldn’t keep Cage down who hit out at one. Cage won the match by hitting a Drill Claw on the thumbstacks to put Callihan down for the three count.

Mellisa Santos, Cage’s wife, rushed in the ring as they celebrated the successful defence.

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