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Indian Idol 12: Aditya Narayan REACTS to Amit Kumar’s criticism

Aditya Narayan has now reacted to Amit Kumar's criticism of Kishore Kumar special on Indian Idol 12.


Recently, Kishore Kumar’s elder son Amit appeared on the singing reality show, Indian Idol 12 for a Kishore Kumar special episode, in which the contestants sang the legendary singer’s evergreen songs and paid a tribute to him. However, on Tuesday, Amit said that he did not like the episode at all.

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After the episode was aired, many slammed the contestants and the judges of the show for ruining Kishore Kumar’s songs.

In his interview with the Times Of India, he said that he was told to praise the contestants. He also said that he also wanted the episode to stop. Amit said that he was told to uplift the participants of the show because it was a tribute to Kishore Kumar.

Aditya Narayan, the host of Indian Idol 12 reacted to Amit Kumar’s criticism and told SpotBoye, “With all due respect to Amitji, it is never easy to honor the legacy of a legend in an hour or two. But we always try our level best to put on a great show especially given the circumstances. Due to the pandemic, we were shooting in Daman with a limited team and crew, limited rehearsals, different set, etc. Still week after week we are putting out fresh episodes where most other channels are playing re-runs of their content.”

He also said that Amit Kumar has graced the show on multiple occasions and has always praised our contestants. Just like every time, this time also he has praised them all. Aditya said that he also shared many personal stories on his father Kishore and they even enjoyed and cherished it.

Further, Aditya also said that if Amit Kumar was not happy with certain aspects of the show he could have just told them during the shoot.

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