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KRK Bashed For Insensitive Coronavirus Tweet

KRK often posts controversial content on his social media


Kamaal R Khan has made a career out of trolling Bollywood movies, TV shows, and celebrities. He is often criticized for his brutal and insensitive jibes. However, this time the self-pronounced film critic may have gone too far. This time the actor has tweeted out about Coronavirus. The Coronavirus outbreak has caused worldwide panic. With new cases of the virus being reported every day, KRK tweeting about Coronavirus seems especially insensitive.

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The virus has claimed over 2,000 lives, most of them being from Wuhan City where the virus originated. Two people in Washington State have died due to the virus. Now, there have been cases detected in Inda. This has caused a nationwide health concern with 80 people under observation according to Karnataka Minister.

Amidst this aura of tension and panic, KRK tweeted out his opinion on the Coronavirus and it did not sit well with netizens. KRK tweeted that he is praying for Coronavirus to come to  India soon. He stated that this will make India forget their differences as Hindus, Muslims, Sikhs, and Christians. In addition, according to KRK, Coronavirus will unite Indians and make them forget their religious bias.

He had tweeted, “I pray to GOD for the #caronavirusoutbreak in India as soon as possible. May be, we all Hindu Muslim Sikh Christians become brothers again to fight against #coronavirus!”

This angered netizen and they rigorously trolled the controversial social media personality. Here are some of the replies that KRK’s controversial tweet got as twitter users exploded on anger:

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