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Kylie Jenner criticised for her walnut scrub before its launch

Kylie Jenner is launching her skincare line KylieSkin on May 22 that also include walnut scrub.


Kylie Jenner is about to launch her new skincare line KylieSkin on May 22. Among the skincare products, also include walnut scrub that costs $22 (£17) but much before the launch of it fans and experts are criticising her product. Kylie is the founder of Kylie Cosmetics that she founded four years back. Currently, the value of her company is 1 billion.

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Kylie took to her Twitter handle to share that the ‘secret to her fresh face is walnut face scrub’

Earlier in another tweet, she promoted the scrub saying it is a ‘Blend of fruit extracts and fine walnut powder and ginseng extract that help energize the skin.’

After this tweet, she was torn apart by trolls by Twitterati. Have a look at some of the trolls.

Do you think it is right to comment on the product before its launch? We can’t judge a product before using it right? What are your views? Do let us know.

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