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The Louis Vuitton League Of Legends Collection Has Been Announced

This Louis Vuitton League Of Legends Collection is truly a luxury that a few can afford


League of Legends has paired up with Louis Vuitton to bring an outrageously expensive collection to spruce up your wardrobe. The collection is only meant for a small group of League of Legends fans who can shell out big dollars to spend on this Louis Vuitton League Of Legends Collection.

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Louis Vuitton previously paired with League of Legends to create a 2019 League of Legends World Championship trophy case. The luxury brand also has a champion skin featured in the game. The True Damage Qiyana Prestige Edition skin was released during the World Championship.

The collection’s lower priced items include the Monogram BB Bandeau for $170. It is available in two color options. The Louis Vuitton Diamond Bracelet is priced at $345. In addition, there is also a Qiyana Bag Charm costing $515.

Fans of League of Legends can also get a Qiyana T-shirt for $670 while a tiger stripe design T-shirt will cost $1,010 to purchase. Also, there are a pair of joggers at $1,610. The luxury zip-up hoodie is listed at $2,420.

The Collection also offers a variety of shoes. There are the LV Beaubourg Platform Derbies at $1,060 while the sneakers cost $1,140. The Star Trail Ankle Boots are listed at $1,330.

The collection also offers a striped bucket hat offered at $730 and the Palm Springs Mini backpack that costs $2,310. Fans can pair the backpack with a matching bracelet for $730.

The most expensive item in the collection is the Leather Biker Jacket with a price tag of  $5,650.

The Louis Vuitton and League of Legends will continue to partner up in 2020.

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