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The 25 most powerful Marvel Characters in the Marvel Multiverse

The 25 Most Powerful Superheroes found In The Marvel Universe ...


Marvel superheroes have garnered immense love and fan following. Yes, there is no dearth of superheroes in the multiverse and each has its own fan following who zealously promote and protect their favourite. Fans are constantly debating who is the most powerful Marvel character of the lot.

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As we know that they are many powerful characters in Marvel‘s Multiverse where each one has a special power that makes them different from the other. These mighty characters possess the strength, intelligence, and abilities to rival the gods! Marvel fans are constantly debating on who is the strongest of all Marvel superheroes.

Here is a list of the most powerful Marvel superheroes found in Marvel Multiverse:

1. Deadpool:

Wase Wilson aka Deadpool is one of the most skilled martial artists and most followed Marvel character. But with a sinister side to his personality. He underwent a horrific experiment that left him with incredible powers such as advanced regeneration, superhuman strength, durability and speed. He is also virtually immortal all thanks to his healing abilities.

2. Hyperion:

He is like a Superman clone who not only has super strength, stamina but can also shoot intensive heat beams out of his eyes. He can also heal himself with cosmic energy as well as withstand blows from the HULK too. As Hyperions origins are quite similar to Superman he is also vulnerable to his own version of Kryptonite called Argonite.

3. Vulcan:

The brother of Cyclops (Scott Summers) and Havok (Alex Summers) Vulcan (Gabriel Summers) was abducted by D’Ken from his mother’s womb. He is the former Emperor of Shi’ ar Empire and an Omega level mutant. He can absorb and manipulate any form of energy and channel that energy through his energy blasts. He also has the power to siphon his enemies powers for his use. In addition, Vulcan is capable of interstellar flight, regeneration, the ability to breathe in space.

4. Skaar:

Skaar is another powerful Marvel character is the Son of Hulk and extraterrestrial Caiera the Oldstrong. He has the same power as his father The Hulk. Such as strength, speed, regeneration and becomes more strong the angrier he is. He also possesses the powers of his mother and can draw power from the planet to harden his body. He’s a bit of an anti-hero and has been both an enemy and partner with his father, the Hulk.

5. Apocalypse:


Five thousand years ago, En Sabah Nur was born in Ancient Egypt. He grew to be a not only a great conqueror during his time and but also a strong adversary to the X-Men and Marvel superheroes. Apocalypse is near-immortal, living thousands of years, but his super-strength is one of his main great attributes being able to even restrain the Hulk himself.

6. Onslaught:

Onslaught is a psionic entity born of the consciousness of two powerful mutants Professor Xavier and Magneto. This happened during a battle between the X-Men and the Acolytes. Magneto had ripped the Adamantium from Wolverines bones almost killing him. In response, Professor X used his telepathic powers to render Magneto catatonic. Magneto’s anger and lust for vengeance merged with Xavier’s own consciousness and resulted in the creation of Onslaught. Onslaught has telepathy, magnetism manipulation, telekinesis and reality warping. He also possesses incredible strength, durability and genius-level intelligence.

7. Kronos:

Out of all-powerful Marvel characters Kronos is a peaceful Eternal being who battled and defeated his war craving brother, Uranos to become the sole ruler of the Eternals of Earth. Kronos is the embodiment of time and can exert complete control over the souls of the deceased. His power level is almost comparable to those of Galactus and Zeus, but his level of intelligence is far above almost every other super-being. In his impalpable form, his telekinesis powers are nearly unlimited, and he can achieve any effect by sheer will.

8. Sentry:

Sentry is one of the most powerful characters in the Marvel universe. Project: Sentry was an initiative to recreate the super-soldierSentry serum. A meth addict named Robert Reynolds broke into the lab and took the serum becoming Sentry. He is said to have the power of a million exploding suns. He also has the ability to manipulate molecules, control light, and resurrect people from the dead. He has also fought with the Hulk to a stalemate.

9. Silver Surfer:

When Galactus approached the planet Zenn-La with the intentions of devouring it. Born on the planet Zenn La, Norrin Radd offered to become his herald so in exchange his planet would be spared. Galactus imbued Radd with the Power Cosmic transforming him into the Silver Surfer, but also tampered with the Silver Surfer’s mind and soul. Silver Surfer is one of the most powerful beings in the Marvel universe. His main power is the Power Cosmic, giving him abilities like energy absorption, matter manipulation, superhuman strength, and power over the four forces of the universe. The Silver Surfer was so powerful that he was capable of holding his own against Galactus long enough as a distraction for the Fantastic Four to obtain the ‘Ultimate Nullifier.’

10. Thanos:

Thanos was one of the last sons of A’Lars, the forebearer of the second colony of the Eternals on Titan, and Sui-San, the last survivor of the original settlement of Eternals on Titan. Thanos became obsessed with death at a young age. Born with grey, hide-like skin and a massive body due to being born with the Deviant Syndrome, Thanos was a troubled child. Through bionic implementation and long hours of meditation, Thanos augmented his Eternal strengths and powers due to which his abilities transcended all those of other Titanian Eternals. His abilities are unmatched, including strength, intelligence, durability, and speed. Add his energy manipulation, telepathy, and immortality, and he becomes a foe nigh impossible to defeat. His most dangerous weapon is his super-intellect, which is dedicated to the destruction of all life.

11. Magus:

Magus’ powers are comparable to that of Galactus. His main power is unlimited shapeshifting. He can become virtually any substance, any size, any shape, any colour, and any texture. He can also shapeshift into things such as starships, cannons, etc. He also possesses extremely powerful telepathy and can learn vast and diverse things such as languages in an instant.

12. Galactus:

One of the mightiest in the universe, Galactus can eat an entire planet at once. He possesses immense knowledge, limitless cosmic ability, and gave superheroes as strong as the Silver Surfer their power and is still in a completely different power league. He was once referred to as the most awesome living entity in the cosmos.

13. Juggernaut:

Cain Marko, also known as the Juggernaut is powered by the Crimson Gem of Cyttorak. Marko is bestowed upon the virtually limitless strength and durability which he mostly uses for criminal pursuits and wanton destruction. He is considered one of the strongest and most powerful beings.

14. The One Above All:

The One Above All is the supreme being of Marvel and master of the nigh-omnipotent entity known as the Living Tribunal. He is the only being in the Marvel Multiverse with omnipotence. he doesn’t involve himself in human affairs. He is above all cosmic powers and is not defeated by anybody except one. He was defeated by Deadpool.

15. Adam Warlock:

Warlock is a member of the Technarchy, from the planet Kvch, led by the mighty Magnus. Adam Warlock was created by a group known as the ‘Beehive’ in an effort to create the perfect human being. Warlock has incredible energy projection, speed, and strength. He can detect and produce wormholes, resist reality-warping and the Time Gem’s ability to freeze time. He can construct energy projectors out of himself as well as sensory equipment; he can augment his physical size and strength, merge with computer systems to download information and schematics and decode protocols which allow him to speak and write binary languages.

16. Surtur:

Surtur is an enormous fire demon in the Marvel universe that wields the power of a thousand suns. The Fire Giant is an immortal from the extra-dimensional plane of Muspelheim. He is a mortal enemy of Thor and Odin. Along with superhuman strength, Surtur has the ability of live flame, telekinesis, pyrokinesis, and immortality. Some have said his power equals that of Odin. It is Surtur’s destiny to destroy Asgard with the Twilight Sword. His only vulnerability is intense coldness and magic.

17. Cyttorak:

As both god and demon, Cyttorak is an incredibly powerful entity once worshipped on Earth before he was banished to the Crimson Cosmos. Inside the Crimson Cosmos, Cyttorak has unlimited power. While his intelligence is lacking, he excels at almost every other power with overwhelming strength, speed, and agility. One of his greatest weapons is the Crimson Gem.

18. Infinity:

The cosmic entity Infinity is the representation of space in its totality, and its brother Eternity is the representation of time. So together they are the space-time continuum and the living force behind the universe in its entirety. Infinity and Eternity’s counterparts are Oblivion and Death. Infinity has no true physical body but sometimes takes the form of a female, but as an abstract entity it exists everywhere in the universe and can manipulate the universe to achieve virtually any effect it chooses. The power of “Infinity” is that she has the infinite potential of existence.

19. Phoenix Force:

Representing life that has yet to be born, the Phoenix Force is one of the most powerful and oldest known cosmic entities. It is indestructible, immortal, and a manifestation of the primal force of life. It has the power to create and destroy pretty much anything and everything. However, she has shown temporary vulnerabilities to Chaos Magic.

20. Thor:

Thor is the Asgardian God of Thunder in Norse mythology and the son of Odin. Just like Hercules, Thor is one of the strongest and most durable superheroes in the Marvel universe. He has energy manipulation powers that rival that of the Silver Surfer and has complete mastery of the weather and the earth. Finally, his most powerful attack is the God-Blast, a blast so powerful that it can shatter almost everything. He’s not only strong enough to level planets, but he can alter mortals memories with the “Gift of Forgetfulness.”

21. Hulk:

The Hulk is one of the most well known and popular Marvel superheroes ever, he’s also physically one the strongest too. In single combat, there aren’t many characters that are capable of matching him in terms of pure strength and endurance. The Hulks immeasurable strength is proportional to his level of anger and rage. The Hulk has many incarnations like the Grey Hulk and the Savage Hulk, but the Green Scar version is by far the strongest after he absorbed the energy from the exploded ship that brought him to the planet Sakaar.

22. Odin:

Odin is the ruling monarch of Asgard and the father of Thor. He is recognized as the most powerful of all the Asgardians. He could tap into a power known as “Odin Force,” which allowed him to knock out the powerful Galactus with a massive headbutt. He is capable of manipulating vast amounts of magical energy, and easily defeat both Thanos and the Silver Surfer. He has magic capabilities for a variety of effects including strength and size augmentation, magical enchantments, fire energy blasts and many more. Odin is immortal and thus cannot die by any natural means.

23. Doctor Strange:

Strange is the most powerful sorcerer in the world. He has even been the cause of the Great Galactus’ defeat (though he was very weakened). He can time travel, teleport to great distances, levitate using astral projection, invoke powerful entities, and even use black magic.

24. Franklin Richards:

The son of Mr Fantastic and the Invisible Woman of the Fantastic Four, Franklin Richards was born a mutant and began manifesting his powers at an early age. He has shown the ability to be able to create pocket-sized universes at will. His powers are beyond measure, and he is only going to become stronger as he matures enough to deal with his powers. He is quite possibly the strongest mutant to ever exist.

25. Beyonder:

A young member of an ancient other-worldly race known The Beyonders, the aptly named ‘Beyonder’ is the one physical embodiment of an entire multiverse known as the Beyond-Realm. During the Secret Wars story arc, he created a planet called “Battleworld” from pieces of various planets. On this planet, he forced a number of supervillains and superheroes from Earth to battle in a never-ending war between good and evil as if they were toys to be played with. He is capable of causing destruction on a multiversal level and can invade the minds of every living being on planet Earth simultaneously. In addition, he has unlimited strength and psionic abilities far beyond any superhuman and most cosmic entities.

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