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#MeToo: We need to hear both sides of the story, says Amit Bahl


Last night, Tara producer Vinta Nanda accused ‘sanskaari’ Alok Nath of raping her after a night of partying. She wrote that he violated her not once but twice. CINTAA spokesperson Sushant Singh tweeted on the matter stating that Alok Nath has been issued a show-cause notice and will be asked to explain himself before the board. CINTAA honorary general secretary Amit Bahl spoke to Bollywood Life and said, “Two days back, Vinta Nanda congratulated us on Facebook for our stand on sexual harassment. She lauded us for openly supporting the cause and our stand on Nana Patekar, who happens to be a member as well. We feel this is phase two of that post where she has detailed her personal experience. She did not mention Alok Nath in that post but in the interview with ANI, she has taken his name. Well, when Sushant Singh read it, he was emotionally moved and he tweeted about it.”

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Bahl’s official statement reads, “I really appreciate the stance taken by our General Secretary Sushant Singh. It speaks volumes about his and our commitment to a healthy working environment. However, it was his personal feelings and we at CINTAA need to follow certain procedures. We are looking into the possibility of whether we can initiate action in such cases, where there is no formal complaint.”

He furthur told Bollywood Life, “Now that she has mentioned Alok Nath we need to hear both sides of the story. We are answerable to 8,000 members of the fraternity. Saying that we feel deeply sorry for Vinta. As an organisation and trade union, we are more than forthcoming to help members. We are the biggest signatories in this part of the world for the #MeToo movement. Our affiliates were the first to start processes against Harvey Weinstein in the West. The turn of events has been rather unfortunate of late. CINTAA stands for gender equality. #MeToo is not just about women. It is happening to young boys and men as well. Slowly, people are opening up about this issue. We are getting more and more complaints since seven months.”

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