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Neha Kakkar breaks down on Indian Idol 10, what she said will make you sad!


Neha Kakkar has recently broken up with her beau, Himansh Kohli, now she broke her silence and revealed the reason behind her separation with Himansh Kohli. Neha might have been experiencing a good phase in her life but her break up with Kohli seems to have shaken her badly. According to reports, Neha and Kohli had been in a relationship for more than four years.

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Neha Kakkar reportedly had a break down of sorts on the sets of ‘Indian Idol 10’, a show she currently judges.

Neha Kakkar shared a bunch of heart-wrenching notes in which she literally broke down because of her break-up and said that people are now going to judge her for the same but she is all prepared for that.

In a first note, a source informed dbpost.com, “Mujhe nahi pata tha iss duniye mein itne burey loh bhi hote hain. Khair.. sab kuch gawaa ke hosh mein ab aaye, toh kya kiya…” and “I know I’m a celeb..I’m not supposed to write all this.. but I’m human being too.. and aaj kuch zyaada hi toot gayi, isliye couldn’t control my feelings” – (sic)

Adding on the source added, “I know now everybody’s gonna talk about it now.. People are gonna judge me.. pata nahin log kya bolenge.. some people are gonna say things which I haven’t even done but koi nahin.. mujhe aadat ho gayi hai sab sunne ki.. sab sehne ki” – (sic)

According to reports, Kakkar has requested the channel to cut the portions of her crying from the upcoming episode.

It is to be noted that Neha Kakkar’s song ‘Oh Humsafar’ with her ex-beau Himansh Kohli was loved by millions of people who thought that the couple would stay together for long period of time but their relationship came to an end.

However, Himansh has still not spoken a word about it and we wonder what he has to say.

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