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Pakistan poses three times more terror risk than Syria


Pakistan is known as breeding ground and supporter of global terrorism. In addition to this, the report titled “Humanity at Risk – Global Terror Threat Indicant (GTTI)” has said that Pakistan is responsible for three times the terror risk to humanity than what Syria poses.

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The report which was published by Oxford University and Strategic Foresight Group (SFG) said, “While the Afghan Taliban and the Lashkar-e-Taiba (LeT) pose the maximum threat to international security, Pakistan is placed on top of the list of countries with the highest number of terrorist bases and safe havens.”

“If we look at the most dangerous terrorist groups, based on hard facts and statistics, we find that Pakistan hosts or aids majority of them. Also, there are a significant number of groups based in Afghanistan, which operate with the support of Pakistan,” the report said.

The over 80-page report further said, “The rise of competitive extremism of all shades, misuse of weapons of mass destruction and economic disruptions can undermine human progress or even survival in the period from now until 2030. They are all interlinked with terrorism.”

“The birth of Al-Qaeda was in Pakistan and then Pakistan influenced Afghanistan. Osama Bin Laden had a safe haven in a huge compound near the Pakistani military establishment in Abbottabad. The compound was much larger than the surrounding houses of retired Pakistani military officers. The occupants of the compound often bought expensive goods from a neighbourhood shop that most people in the vicinity could not afford. The presence of an important family in the compound was nothing but conspicuous,” the report noted.

The report has also given comprehensive details about global terror outfits operating from Afghanistan, Libya, Syria, Yemen and other countries who have linkages with each other.

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