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Pakistani intruder who jumped borders to meet SRK released after 19 months in prison


Two Pakistani nationals, Mohammed Imran Warsi and Abdullah Shah, were on Wednesday repatriated back to their country after serving their jail terms in India.

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Both of them were handed over to the Pakistan Rangers by the Border Security Force (BSF) officials around 2:20 pm at the Wagah Border, said a report in The Hindustan Times.

The report in the daily stated that Warsi had come to India to marry his distant cousin from Kolkata, while Abdullah had illegally crossed the border to meet his favourite Bollywood star, Shah Rukh Khan.

Shah, who had apparently entered India via the Attari-Wagah border last year to meet his favourite Bollywood hero Shah Rukh Khan, will return to his homeland after serving 19 months in the Amritsar prison.

“Abdullah entered India after witnessing the flag-lowering ceremony at Attari-Wagah border in May 2017. He had been claiming that he had entered India to meet Shah Rukh Khan,” Amritsar jail superintendent, Arshdeep Singh Gill, was quoted as saying by the daily.

Warsi on the other was arrested in 2008 for trying to make an Indian passport using fake documents. Warsi had married Shazia from Kolkata in 2003 and have two sons, Farhan and Qurban, together.

He had come to India with forged documents to demand a share in his father-in-law’s property in Kolkata. “It will be tough for me to take my family to Pakistan, but I will do it the legal way. I do not want to stay in India where my relatives betrayed me,” he said.

But the expiry of his Indian visa and the loss of his Pakistani passport forced him to try and make an Indian passport with the use of fake documents. He arrived in Bhopal after hearing that it is easier to get a fake passport easily there.

“I came here in 2008 with a fake PAN card and ration card. But as I was demanding a share in my father-in-law’s property, which includes a part of the New Royal Cinema in Kolkata, my wife’s family tipped the police off.” His in-laws had allegedly got him arrested in 2008,” he said reports the daily.

He was then convicted of forgery in court and was sentenced to 10 years of imprisonment. His family back in Pakistan had presumed him to be dead and could not believe their ears when he called them after his release.

“I called my mother in Pakistan and she could not believe that I was still alive. She asked me for my nickname, and only then did she believe me,” he added.

Meanwhile, Abdullah, who had entered India as an intruder promised that he will visit the country again but this time with valid documents. “I will visit India again but legally now as my dream to meet my superstar has not fulfilled yet. I was given a family like treatment in Amritsar jail.”

The news comes just days after Pakistan sent back Indian national Hamid Ansari to the country after he had served six years in Pakistan prison.

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