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Pokemon Company Launched The Kids TV Channel On YouTube In India

The Pokemon Company Has Launched Its Kids TV Channel On YouTube For India And Asian Region. Pokemon Songs And Nursery Rhymes Including Other Educational Videos To Be Posted


The Pokemon Company has made the announcement of launching the Pokemon Kids TV on YouTube for Indian and Asian region audience. This channel would be an English sister channel to its official Japanese Pokemon YouTube channel for kids. It would be featuring English content for kids and these videos would include famous Pokemon songs, nursery rhymes and other educational content.

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Kids content on YouTube is quite in vogue these days and they are now for having a vast range of audience base. On the other side, Pokemon is popularly known for its video game software, trading card game, anime television series, films, manga and much more. Now the brand venturing into Kids YouTube section is a sure treat for those who love watching their characters.

While talking about the launch, Takato Utsunomiya who is the Pokemon Company’s representative Director and the COO said, “Since 2019, Pokémon Kids TV (Japan) has hosted a Japan-focused YouTube channel that delivers videos featuring nursery rhymes, children’s songs, and educational content including English learning. The channel has become a place where many children “meet” Pokémon for the first time, and a source of safe entertainment that parents feel at ease showing to their children. As the demand for video content has grown in recent years, the channel has also expanded and now people around the world outside of Japan will be able to enjoy it too.”

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