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How To Get Magneton, Probopass, Glaceon, Leafon, Magnezone In Pokémon Go

Pokemon Go Glacial, Mossy, Magnetic Lures And New Pokemon In The Wild Now Live


Finally, we have got several other new evolutions such as Magneton, Glaceon, Leafon, Magnezone and Probopass. Yes, players can find new Generation 4 Pokemon in the newest Pokemon Go update You must be wondering how to get these new evolutions.

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First of all, I will explain how you can obtain these five new Pokemon Magneton, Glaceon, Leafon, Magnezone and Probopass in the wild. You can easily catch them by using the new lures, Glacial, Mossy and Magnetic. These Lures are available only from the in-game shop at the moment, it is most likely they will be available as Special Research task rewards. Here Is How To Play Pokemon On PC, Windows Or Laptop?

Notably, Niantic has introduced us to three new types of Lures, items aiming to help trainers by attracting Pokémon to any PokeStops that they are placed onto, in this update.

  • Glaceon with Glacial Lure and 25 Candy – Flower Crown
  • Leafon with Mossy Lure and 25 candy – can be Shiny with Flower Crown
  • Magnezone with Magnetic Lure and 100 candy
  • Probopass with Magnetic Lure and 50 candy

Now, the Pokemon Go community is reporting of seeing and catching new Gen 4 Pokemon in the wild. Here is the list:

  • Burmy – Female Burmy evolves to Wormadam when using 50 candy and Male Burmy evolves to Mothim when using 50 candy
  • Cherubi/Cherrim
  • Gible/Gabite – The final form of Gible, Garchomp, is also available and requires 100 candy
  • Hippopotas/Hippowdon
  • Shellos – Can evolve into Gastrodon when using 50 candy

Note: You should see the silhouette of the pokemon you are finding to evolve with the lure icon next to it. If you do not see this icon, do not attempt an evolution.

Like with most special evolutions, Magneton and Probopass won’t be available in the wild to capture, but they are likely to become Raid bosses in the near future.

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