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How to get Unova Stones in Pokemon Go?

There are only a few Pokemon that require Pokemon Go Unova Stone to evolve


Some Pokemon from the Unova region require Unova Stones to evolve in Pokemon Go. The Unova Stones are a rare evolution item quite a bit similar to the Sinnoh Stone. It allows you to evolve Pokemon from Gen 5. However, Unova Stone cannot be used to evolve the previous generation Pokemon. Here’s a quick breakdown of how you can get Unova Stones in Pokemon Go.

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How to Get Unova Stones in Pokemon Go?

Research Breakthroughs

The most basic way to obtain Unova Stones is through the weekly Research Breakthroughs. Players will need to complete one Field Research task every day to attain one Breakthrough per week.

This does not guarantee an Unova stone but it is by far the easiest method to get them.

Team Go Rocket Leader Battles

Defeating a Team Go Rocket Leader leads to a chance of them giving you an Unova Stone. However, just like the Research breakthroughs, this is not a sure-fire way to get Unova Stones. This method is also a bit more difficult than Research Breakthroughs.

Special Research

This method is quite limited as it relies on Special Research and events to give players the Unova Stones. A Colossal Discovery was a limited time special event that offered Unova stones as rewards but is no longer available. The Celebrate 2019 Special Research offers players one Unova Stone after capturing 19 Pokemon.

What Pokemon use Unova Stones to evolve?

There are only a few Pokemon that require Unova Stone to evolve.

  • Pansage: Evolves to Simisage (an Unova Stone + 100 candy)
  • Panpour: Evolves to Simipour  (an Unova Stone + 100 candy)
  • Pansear: Evolves to Simisear (an Unova Stone + 100 candy)
  • Lampent: Evolves to Chandelure (an Unova Stone + 100 candy)

There are probably more Pokemon on the way that would use the Unova Stones to evolve and it is a good idea to stock them up while you can.

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