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Pooja Bedi supports rape accused Karan Oberoi; says, ‘He’s suffering for no fault’

Pooja Bedi has come in defence of rape accused Karan Oberoi.


A few days back actor-singer Karan Oberoi was accused of rape and was taken into custody by Oshiwara Police. It was reported that he allegedly raped a woman and blackmailed her. An FIR was registered against the actor in the Oshiwara Police station. It was said that he raped the woman on the pretext of marriage. He even had the videos and threatened to leak them online if she didn’t give him the demanded amount.

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Now, Pooja Bedi, his friend has come in support of Karan. Pooja has been visiting Karan at the Oshiwara Police station and when SpotboyE contacted her to know about him, she said, “He’s worn down because he is currently living in tough mental, emotional and physical conditions. It’s absurd and grossly unfair to have anyone subjected to that when it’s obvious that the case is fake and manipulated. The police have stated today that there are contradictions in her FIR. It’s very apparent what is happening. And that he’s suffering for NO fault of his. He’s very touched and moved by all the love and support. Fingers crossed, he comes out soon.”

A press conference was also held yesterday where Karan’s sister Gurbani Oberoi, and A Band of Boys members Sudhanshu Pandey, Sherrin Verghese, Chaitanya Bhosle, and Siddharth Haldipur among others were present.

Sudhanshu Pandey said, “I have known Karan since two decades. We have seen each other’s ups and downs both on the professional and personal front. Karan’s father is a decorated retired Army officer and a war hero. Karan comes from a good family and had a solid upbringing. He was in the merchant navy before he became an actor. He has always led a disciplined life and has no vices. Since we know how he is, we can’t believe the kind of allegations that have been levelled against him. He is one of the most chivalrous guys I have ever come across. Forget the allegations, I have never seen him raise his voice while talking to a woman or behave rudely with her. So, this is a completely unbelievable situation that we are in right now. That’s the reason why we have come together and stand united. We want to tell people that what’s happening to him is wrong.”

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