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Rosie-The Saffron Chapter: Arbaaz Khan joins cast of supernatural thriller

Arbaaz Khan joins the cast of 'Rosie-The Saffron Chapter', a supernatural horror-thriller; Shooting begins on December 22


Prerna V Arora and Mandiraa Entertainment’s presentation ‘Rosie-The Saffron Chapter‘ is going on floors on December 22 on the outskirts of Mumbai and Pune. While on one hand, the film has Vivek Oberoi and debutant Palak Tiwari who is playing Rosie, the film has been now joined by Arbaaz Khan.

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Producer Prerna Arora confirms the same and says, “Beyond thrilled to be welcoming one of the most protean individuals from the fraternity, an excellent visionary, a fantastic director, a wise producer and a very hearty actor – the one and only Arbaaz Khan to our team of ‘Rosie’. Looking forward to this production more so now with him in our corner.”

Talking about the movie, Prerna V Arora says, “The story of Rosie is about this young girl who is 18-years old and suddenly goes missing. It’s based on a true story in a call centre named Saffron in which the girl worked. The film is all about her disappearance. Did she actually never exist? Or did she die? Is it a murder? Or is there something supernatural? Though Rosie was never found, the story will now have a different angle and will begin with the investigation of the missing girl, Rosie, played by Palak Tiwari.”

Describing more about the story of the movie, Prerna says, “The true incidence of the disappearance of Rosie occurred in 2003 in Gurgaon. Apparently, Rosie died 8-years back in 1995 in a road accident. We will unravel her past of the 1990s in the sequel of the film which will be more of a prequel as the film will end where Rosie’s Saffron Chapter will start. Arbaaz Khan will add a mysterious dimension to this famous haunted tale.”

Coming to ‘Rosie-The Saffron Chapter’, it is a genre-defining film with a novel experience and it is India’s first supernatural horror-thriller film franchise. It is directed by Vishal Ranjan Mishra.

‘Rosie: The Saffron Chapter’ is presented by Mandiraa Entertainment and Oberoi Mega Entertainment. It has an ensemble cast of Palak Tiwari, Vivek Oberoi, Arbaaz Khan, Taher Shabbir and another surprise for all the fans coming up soon. It will release in mid-2021.

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