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‘Single-use’ is Collins’ word of the year


For the year 2018, Collins dictionary has announced `single-use` as its Word of the Year.

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According to a report in CNN, the word ‘Single-use’, which means made to be used only once, came into existence as more and more people are getting aware of the damage caused by plastic waste and turning their backs on disposable packaging. It also has a different connotation which indicates society’s excesses.

Lexicographers employed by Collins creates a list of new and notable words that reflects any specific trend around the world, every year. As per Collins, the word ‘single-use’ is more commonly used than in 2013.

The ‘Word of the Year’ from 2013- 2017 are– geek (2013), photobomb (2014), binge-watch (2015), Brexit (2016) and fake news (2017).

According to Helen Newstead, head of language content at Collins, described 2018 as the year ‘where awareness and often anger over a variety of issues’ led to formulations of new words.

Other than ‘single-use’, other words like ‘VAR’ and ‘floss’ according to Newstead highlighted a world of extremes which encompassed social, political and light-hearted activities.

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