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Tina Datta opens up about her abusive relationship

TV actress Tina Datta talks about being in an abusive relationship and looking out for a life partner.


Apparently, Tina Datta is looking for a new life partner in her present. She said that she is hunting for a suitable life partner in her life, especially someone who doesn’t belong from an entertainment industry.

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The Uttaran actress went in depression after her break up from her boyfriend. She told in an interview to Hindustan Times,  “I’ve consciously decided to focus on my life. I would love to settle down but I haven’t met the right person. I’m out of an abusive relationship and want to settle down in life but not with someone from the industry.”

The actress has had a bad past. She further confessed about her feelings saying, “I was afraid to trust people and went into depression. I used to be very unhappy on the set and often shut myself in make-up and wept.”

She shared more about her relationship in the past about how she suffered and cried. The actress carried on talking about her previous relationship.

“I was so blinded in love that I thought it was okay for me to put up with an abusive relationship and allowed him to treat me the way he wished. But it was not okay. If a guy raises a hand on you, that means he is not man enough.”

Looking away from the past, the actress spoke of what she desired in her new life partner. “He should be loyal to me, respect people and should be a nice guy.” she said.

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