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TP Raja murder case: Assailants took 45 minutes to overpower the Sion gangster and kill him


It had taken 45 minutes to overpower, the assailants, who had barged into DK Rao-aide TP Raja’s house on December 7 and murdered him in cold blood. Apparently, it was not an easy job for the assailants, as they first had to attack him with a knife and then fire a round at him.

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Although Raja was severely injured, but he moved to the window and tried calling for help, but eventually passed out. Even , one of the accused injured his hand in the scuffle and had to run out with blood oozing from it.

The Wadala TT Police made another breakthrough in the probe by arresting one of the accused in the crime- Amjad Khan. On Saturday night, Amjad Khan was picked up from Rajasthan and brought to Mumbai the following day. Khan was then subsequently produced in the court and was later sent to police custody till December 20. “We have recovered some CCTV footages from the area outside Raja’s house. In one of them, the suspects are seen approaching the building in a bike. Another one shows them running out of the building and trying to push the bike, but when it doesn’t start, they escape. From their body language and locals’ statements, it seems they are the ones who killed Raja,” said a police officer.

According to sources in Police, teams had been sent to other states to look for the other suspect. Also, in this regard, crime Branch’s anti-extortion cell has questioned more than 100 people with criminal records. Cops are yet to ascertain the motive behind the murder.

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