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TRAI Chief R. S. Sharma defiant even after hackers deposit Rs 1 in account


Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) chief RS Sharma has found himself in soup after an ethical hacker deposited Rs. 1 in his account. The TRAI chief had challenged a bunch of Twitter users by sharing his Aadhaar number has left the entire Aadhar supporting groups embarrassed as people succesfully got hold of his personal details.

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After his mobile number and PAN were made public by some users, another hacker has now deposited Re 1 in the bank account of the TRAI chief to prove his claims. The user who goes by the Twitter name anivar made the deposited Rs 1 using the BHIM app.

Taking a dig at Sharma over his Aadhaar challenge, he tweeted, “My donation to @rssharma3 ‘s aadhaar via BHIM to build Govt systems with better engineering to protect user privacy. You can also join in this #DonateToRSS / #GiveToRamSewak drive.”

The Twitter user further spoke about “better engineered” government system by tweeting, “Just like pay to Aadhaar in BHIM , you can donate to his Bank account without his consent using #UPI as well . You can even use @TezbyGoogle . #DonateToRSS /#GiveToRamSewak to build better engineered Govt systems.

“See what one rupee revealed. His Aadhaar mapped to an account is in Bank of India . (BKID is Bank of India’s short code),” he tweeted. Not willing to back down, another Twitter user, Arjun SR, referred to it as “bribe without consent”. He tweeted: “So basically he accepted a bribe even without his own consent. Let’s file a case against him for accepting bribe.”

The challenge by Sharma evoked an immediate response from the Twitterati, with some users claiming to have dug up his mobile number, photographs, residential address, date of birth and even chat threads using the information, while others warned him about the perils of throwing such a dare on the social media platform.Hackers even posted his Yahoo email address, gmail account password, DEMAT account, his frequent flyer details with Air India his payment history for a three-year subscription to a right- wing website using his SBI credit card and the usage of Aadhaar cards for sale of organic goods by Leela Dhar Organics of Hari Sewak Sharma.

While much of the information that was dug out may already be in the public domain, the TRAI official did not verify whether the details pertaining to his PAN were indeed correct. The Live Mirror independently cannot ratify the personal details of R. S. Sharma.

Meanwhile, the Unique Identity Authority of India (UIDAI) has dismissed all these claims and reiterated the fact that all Aadhaar data is secure. In a statement released on the Twitter, UIDAI said, “Aadhaar database is fully safe and secure and no such information about Mr Sharma has been fetched from UIDAI’s severs or Aadhaar database. This is merely cheap publicity by these unscrupulous elements who try to attract attention by creating such fake news.” After this breach of security the Left has demanded a probe in the workings of the Aadhaar. The Congress has also given a statement saying that the Aadhaar leak has made people insecure.

The French security researcher which goes by the moniker Elliot Alderson challenged Modi to disclose his Aadhaar number as well. He has tweeted.

Over to Modi, now!

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