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Bigg Boss 14: Vikas Gupta ousted for pushing Arshi Khan in the pool

In the recent episode, Vikas Gupta gets expelled after he forcefully pushes Arshi Khan in the pool.


On Monday’s episode of Bigg Boss 14, Vikas Gupta and Arshi Khan’s rivalry created huge havoc inside the house. During their argument, in anger the producer who was constantly poked by Arshi, forcefully pushed her into the pull after they dragged one another parents. As Vikas broke the rule of the house and used physical force against Arshi, he was expelled from the house.

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In the garden area, Arshi walked towards him and tried to irritate him. Later,  Arshi told Jasmin how Vikas started speaking in English, she further said that she would be fine if Vikas apologizes to her and would stop predicting the game, and her exit. He refused to apologize and started giving her sarcastic replies, he also dragged Arshi’s father in their conversation, which did not go well with Arshi and she also drags Vikas’ mother and family.

Later, the duo dragged their families in between, Vikas yells at Arshi and calls her ‘gandi auraat’ and pushed her with his shoulder as he walked off from their argument, which left her furious and they got into a physical fight. Kashmera, Aly, Abhinav, Manu, Rakhi, and Rubina tried to stop them and calm the situation.  Arshi also asked Bigg Boss to intervene and removed her mic in anger.

Further, Manu told Arshi that she is not mentally stable and that’s why she is not able to take Vikas’s reaction, to which, she tried to defend herself, she also revealed how Vikas dragged her family into their debate.  As she did not stop speaking about Vikas’s family, he lost control and in anger pushed Arshi into the swimming pool,  leaving everyone shocked. Later, Bigg Boss spoke about Arshi and Vikas’ fights, he also said that violence is not allowed in the house and asked him to leave the house.

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