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Viral Video: Bride Wears Golgappa (Pani Puri) Crown And Garland At Her Wedding 

One of the South Indian bride wears Golgappa aka Pani Puri jewelry and a crown at her own wedding. The video goes viral on the internet


Pani Puri is also popularly known as Golgappa and it has different names in different regions of the country. It one of the most popular snack dish India. This dish is loved by many and people often keep it as the main course at their weddings. One of the videos goes viral on the internet today, wherein a bride is seen wearing a garland and a bracelet made with Golgappas. She also wears a crown made of them. Many wonder if it’s a tradition in her family or if the bride loves the Golgappa to such an extreme level.

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The South Indian bride is seen wearing her bridal saree, while everything being in the place from her makeup, hairstyle to kemp stone jewelry. What caught eyeballs are the garland, bracelet, and crown made of Golgappas are worn by the bride at her own wedding. Someone gently places a Golgappa crown onto her head, while she appears a little shy in the video. The bride is also presented with a huge platter, wherein Golgappas are in big quality while other dishes are in low.

Check out the viral video here:

Do you think a true Pani Puri (Golgappa) lover would go to such an extremes? Do let us know.

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