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Wasim Rizvi slams Muslim Personal Board for being ‘seditious’


Wasim Rizvi a day after making a controversial and bigoted statement, has made another statement that will rake up a controversy. After referring to bearded Muslims as fundamentalists, Wasim Rizvi, has accused the Muslim Personal Board for being ‘seditious’.

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Says Rizvi, “There is constitution in India, judges are appointed on basis of that. There is no place for Sharia courts in India. Who is Muslim Personal Law Board to set up parallel courts? This is sedition.”

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Rizvi has stated that keeping a beard is a custom in Islam. But those Muslims who sport a beard without a moustache are extremists and have become a face of terror in the country and across the world. In a video, which has been shared on the social media, Rizwi said, “Muslims who sport a beard without a moustache look scary. Such Muslims are extremists and Islamic fundamentalists and are known to spread terror across the world. The intention to not sport a moustache with the beard is to ignite a sense of fear among people.”

Adding further, he said that such Muslim, in the name of Shariyat, interfere in the personal lives of people and issue fatwas, which has nothing to do with Islam. Talking about the recent incident in which a Kerala girl was expelled from a Madrassa for wearing a sandalwood bindi on her forehead, Rizvi said, “Women in this country use bindi or vermillion (sindoor) as part of the custom after marriage. Such sacred customs can never be ‘haram’.”

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