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WhatsApp new features: Here’s all that you need to know

Here's a list of new features that are expected to arrive soon in the app


When we think of chats and conversations and the first name that comes in our mind is nothing but WhatsApp. In fact, the chat app has made it easy to catch up with all the conversations which wouldn’t have been possible before to do it on one-to-one basis.

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Though there are already several features available on WhatsApp, the chat app is apparently working on some many more new features to help keep up better with all our conversations. Some of the new features are available in beta update, some of features might still be undergoing some underworks.

Here is a list of new features that are expected to arrive soon and some which are already available on WhatsApp:

WhatsApp text reminder: Interestingly, WhatsApp will now allow you to set reminder or receive alerts within the app itself. Any.do, a famous reminder app has partnered with WhatsApp to let users create tasks as well as receive reminders in WhatsApp. However, there’s a catch. The feature is unlike other WhatsApp features. Any.do has lately made the feature free for about a week after which it will charge you at USD2.99 a month for accessing the particular feature. Well, the good news is that the feature is live already.

WhatsApp call waiting: This is launched recently and the call waiting feature in WhatsApp is quite a useful feature. The feature is already live for all the users. Moreover, the WhatsApp call waiting feature is different from the traditional call waiting feature. Also, unlike on a phone call where you can put people on hold or simultaneously talk to two people by switching between calls, on the WhatsApp you will manage to take only one call at a time. What’s next, you can see the new call coming and you will have the option to either reject or accept it but you can’t put the ongoing call on hold and take the other call.

WhatsApp group invite blocking: WhatsApp’s group invite blocking feature has been in the news for some time now. It is a pretty much useful feature. Earlier, anybody could add you to a WhatsApp group. But with this new feature you get three options- Everyone, My contacts and My contacts except.

New Home tab: As per WhatsApp’s fan site WaBetaInfo, WhatsApp is currently working on new Home tab which will replace the camera tab just inside the app. WhatsApp is also working on Cards which will have an informative notice about what settings you can also configure in your WhatsApp Business account.

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