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Who is the Strongest Avenger in the MCU?

Who's the strongest Avenger? The top pick may surprise you!


The Avengers are often hailed as the “Earth’s Mightiest Heroes” but of all the astonishing and incredible superheros, which is the mightiest? It is a question that has long been debated within the Marvel fanverse. Today to settle the debate, we rank the Avengers from the bottom right up to the strongest avenger of them all.

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Who is the Strongest Avenger?



When it comes to raw physicality, Hulk is one of the mightiest out there. His beatdown of Loki in the first Avengers might just be one of the satisfying moment of the film. He’s almost indestructible, clearly seen in his past bouts with Thanos and his inability to end his own life.

Though physically an intimidating sight, the Hulk can easily be out maneuvered. As demonstrated by Tony Stark or Thor, it just takes tactical planning to take out the ‘strongest avenger’. With Hulk’s strength and Banner’s mind, the Endgame Bruce Banner/Hulk mashup might prove to be more of a willy advisory though.

His claim is also diminished by the fact that he can’t always control his transformation or its consequences. This often makes him a liability more than an asset.



Tony Stark was the original superhero of the MCU. Regardless  of what Captain America says, Iron Man has always been more than just the suit. His intellect is as much his superpower as his suit. Unlike other superheros who rely on  super suits like Black Panther or Falcon, Tony Stark has the capability to constantly upgrade and develop his technology himself rather than rely on outer sources.

Iron Man held his own against Thanos in “Infinity War” when the titan had four Infinity stones on his side. He also wielded the Infinity gauntlet at full power which was a feat that almost destroyed the Hulk.

In the end though, Iron Man is disadvantaged by his morality. He is a man in a suit in a world of gods and superheros.



Vision was born of the Mind Stone with a little helpful nudging from Tony Stark and the Mjonir. He is a warehouse of superpowers ranging from density manipulation to shape shifting to firing blasts from the Mind Stone. However, with his new found morality, Vision has taken the role of a pacifist rather than indulge in his powers.

Another downside to the character is that Vision’s entire power comes from the Mind Stone on his forehead. It makes him an easy target and quite vulnerable as seen in ‘Infinity War’.



Doctor Strange is the Universe’s foremost expert on the mystic arts and powerful enough to affect the fabric of reality. He is one of the mightiest being in existence, able to manipulate time and project consciousness across the astral plane. What he lacks in physical prowess, he makes up in his awesome magic wielding skills.

With the aid of the Cloak of Levitation and the time stone, Doctor Strange continues to guard the Universe from both mystical and physical threats.



The God of Thunder is extremely powerful. His strength is matched only by a rare few in the MCU. Thor has proved his potential in many fights including against Thanos in Infinity War and Endgame. Initially, Thor was dependent on his mystical hammer Mjolnir for his powers but he learns to harness his powers without it in Thor: Ragnarok.



Wanda Maximoff’s powers are charged by the Mind Stone, giving her abilities above and beyond all the Avengers combined. At one point in Infinity war, she held back Thanos with one hand, while destroying Vision’s infinity stone with the other.

It was an impressive display of strength and she didn’t need external additions to help her accomplish it. Iron Man needed his armor, Thor his hammer but Wanda was alone and unaided and still managed to match the mad titan’s strength.

Similarly, in Endgame Wanda was the only Avenger who managed to faze Thanos.



Captain Marvel has been dubbed the ‘strongest avenger’ by the creators themselves. Her powers include superhuman strength, endurance, speed, and an ability to fly six times the speed of sound. She is a hugely over powered superhero and it’s difficult to find another superhero with the same level of powers as her.

This is why Captain Marvel might be the mightiest Avenger.

These are the strongest avengers of them all you need to know. Which one is your favorite? Let us know in the comments below.


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