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World Environment Day: 5 Easy Ways You Can Make A Difference

The Earth has a limited number of resources and it is up to humans to not abuse and pollute these resources


While all of us participate in the World Environment Day with social media resolutions to save the environment, how many of us stick to that resolution around the year? The Earth has a limited number of resources and it is up to humans to not abuse and pollute these resources. On this World Environment Day, here are 5 easy ways you can contribute to saving the planet all through the year.

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World Environment Day: How You Can Help?

1. Reduce Water Wastage

world environment day water

This one is easy to do. There are a lot of ways to ensure the reduction of water wastage. Some of the methods to do this could be through reducing your bath time, installing low-flow showerheads, and fixing leaking pipes in your home. Moreover, simple things like turning off the tap while shaving or brushing can contribute a lot to the conservation of water.

In addition, if you want to contribute even further, try to avoid using water as a cleaning solution. Switch to baking soda or vinegar instead. Installing aeration nozzles on taps can also help with water conservation. Remember, saving the environment is a lifestyle and not limited to World Environment Day.

2. Save Electricity

world environment day electricity

Electricity requires a lot of resources to produce and conserving it can help conserve the environment in a big way. This can be done by doing simple things like unplugging your charger, turning off the lights. In addition, limiting the use of electrical appliances like computers, laptops, and phones. Another way to conserve electricity this World Environment Day is to replace your regular light bulbs in your home with compact fluorescent bulbs.

3. Limit Personal Transportation


You can help save fuel and its cost by opting for carpool or public transportation. Not only does this help in environment conservation, but it also helps control the amount of traffic on the roads. It is a win-win situation.

4. Avoid Using Plastic

world environment day plastic

One of the best ways to help out on this World Environment Day is to avoid the use of plastic. A good method to do this is to avoid using disposable cups and opt for personal cups or mugs instead. In addition, using recyclable bags when buying stuff can also help limit the use of plastic.

Avoid using plastic forks and plastic takeout containers. Use reusable containers when bringing meals from home. Instead of a plastic water bottle, use a recyclable container. Plastic takes thousands of years to decompose and adds tons of waste in landfills each year.

5. Recycle

world environment day recycle

The most important step in conservation is recycling. So this World Environment Day, start a recycling program in your community. Moreover, you can also start paying your bills online to save paper. Print on both sides of the paper if you need to get a copy.

In addition, get your electric equipment like laptops, printer, and phones recycled to reduce air and water pollution. There are a ton of other things you can recycle like newspapers, bows and gift bags.

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