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Lie exposed over twitter, Akshay Kumar Faces Flak

The twitter post exposing lie breaks the internet


Akshay Kumar has been facing flak from all his fans and followers for his citizenship issues. The actor could not vote this time because of his Canadian citizenship.

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Akshay Kumar had said before that he is very much patriotic and believes in nationality. He also had established the fact he paid all his taxes to the Indian Government.

In an interview, Akshay Kumar had said that the citizenship of Canada was honorary. That should ideally make his fans and followers happy and keep wishing good things about him. He had also mentioned that he hadn’t visited Canada in the last 7 years.

But seems like people can’t trust Akshay Kumar anymore. A person dug deep enough and revealed that what that actor said was a lie.

Navneet Mundhra has tweeted the above message and has credited someone with the username @Obsessedmind_ for doing all the hard work.

The posts date back to the year 2014 when he had been to attend a wedding in Toronto. But the actor’s official claim was that he hadn’t been to Canada in last 7 years.

Akshay Kumar had once stated that he would like to settle in Toronto post his retirement. Even that statement just triggered the fans who called him an anti-nationalist.

Recently, Kiren Rijiju stood by him and applauded Akshay Kumar for his contribution to the Indian Army. Seems like having Canadian citizenship is overshadowing all his good deeds.

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