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Anthem Performance Worst On Xbox One S, Will You Buy The Bundle?


Microsoft released Anthem Xbox One S bundle officially available to purchase from February 23, 2019. Standard Edition cost $59.99 and Pre-order – $79.99. The bundle is an awesome deal that offers you a combined set of Xbox One S 1TB Console, Wireless Controller and Anthem Legion of Dawn Edition at $299 MRP.

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Buying the bundle sounds the best way to get the game + console at an affordable price, but recently Richard Leadbetter Technology Editor (Digital Foundry) shared an insightful and detailed article on Anthem’s performance on console and PC platform.

Skipping to the main details of the article clearly depict Anthem was unable to perform at full capacity to deliver smooth graphics output on Xbox One S. The expert shared he got the smoothest performance on PC with RX Vega 56 on 1080p Ultrawide settings and got 60fps or higher with little drops.

The worst performer among all was Xbox One S. The game was able to render native 900p and an unstable fps between 20 to 30. Xbox One X was able to render at 4K, but it was struggling to stay between 25 to 30fps with drops. PS4 Pro Anthem performance was good enough, and the console was able to deliver a smooth output with appealing visual and low latency.

PS4 was able to deliver 1080p at 30fps, PS4 Pro – 1080p @30 or 35. Xbox One X was able to push 4K @ a fluctuating 25 to 30fps and Xbox One S was struggling with 900p @ 25 to 30 fps. Anthem Demo was tested on the consoles by the expert, the full games final release is on February 22, 2019. If the Demo code has such issues, there are rare chances the final edition can deliver better results.

Source: Eurogamer

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