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Apex Legends Black Friday sale disappointed players

The gamer community is upset about the lack of content offered and its pricing


The Apex Legends Black Friday sale has apparently failed to meet the expectations of the gaming community. The game’s store updated on November 26 promoting a bunch of new deals. However, the issue that bothered gamers everywhere was that there was no exclusive game-mode for the limited-time event.

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The Apex Legends sale will be available for 9 days ending on December 5. The sale offers two unique character skins and three tiers of Apex Pack Bundles. One of these guarantees two Legendary-tier items for 1,000 Apex Coins. The Legendary Octane skin will disappear on November 30 introducing a new exclusive cosmetic item.

The Apex Legends community is furious not only with the lack of content but the prices offered in the sale. The skins offered in the sale cost the same as regular vanity items offered in Apex Legends despite being released during the Black Friday sale.

Gamer Community Polarized On The Apex Legends Black Friday sale

As one Reddit user put it, “What a joke. Two full-price skins and some pack bundles. Nice sale btw. Was really hoping for something exciting like a huge shop with a bunch of returning recolors and such. This is just lame.”

However, some players were a bit more supportive of the Apex Legends sale.

Reddit user ‘lessenizer’ wrote that “these prices aren’t even that good by “Black Friday” standards at all. But, the Octane skin is cool and as long as the game’s getting funded enough to keep existing I have no real beef with the pricing.”

Since Apex Legends is a free-to-play game, Respawn Entertainment can only hope to make profits of the purchasable items in the game. Moreover, there is a new update coming on December 3 that should satisfy the players dissatisfied with the lack of items to pursue.

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