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Ariana Grande postpones her concert due to tomato allergy

The shows are now rescheduled


Ariana Grande had to postpone her Orlando and Tampa concerts on Tuesday. The ‘Thank U, Next’ singer took to her social media handle to explain why she had to do that. She took to her Instagram stories and said that due to health issues he had to postpone the concerts.

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She wrote, “I woke up incredibly sick today, ran to my doctor here and have been told to postpone these shows tonight and tomorrow. I’m so beyond devastated. I will make this up to you, I promise. please forgive me. I love you and i will be back and better than ever as soon as possible. love you.”

She then revealed that due to tomato allergy she had to reschedule the shows. Giving an update on her Instagram story, she wrote, “Update: we discovered…..that…..I had an unfortunate allergic reaction to tomatoes and my throat pretty much closed.”

Meanwhile, Live Nation also tweeted about the new dates of the concerts.

We wish Ariana to recover soon and back with a bang.

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